Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Pardon My Sarcasm Year in Review

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Goodbye 2011, hello election year. It's been one hell of a ride, but things are sure to be heating up in the upcoming months...

Things I learned this year:
  • Tumblr is amazing and I should never ever leave.
  • ;_; Hogwarts will forever be my home
  • People love me on the internet. (Not so much irl...?)
  • None of my closest friends have abandoned me because of my sexuality
  • which is good because I've kind of been a raging activist all year and no one hates me for it. Yet.
  • ... though I haven't decided if that's a good thing or not. Am I doing it right? I did lose a few ~friends because of it, so maybe?
  • how to be a better trans* ally. oh, and apparently I'm genderqueer. There's a name for it. Oh. Ok.

Things I've accomplished this year:
  • Um, that blog post about biphobia on Glee is pretty high up there. Like, REALLY high up there. That may even be my biggest accomplishment post college. And the fact that I continue to bitch about it and annoy the fuck out of my followers has helped me meet people I absolutely love *hugs*
The year in politics: ... I don't even want to go there. Honestly. But I will. [sigh]
  • - Gabby Giffords and 12 others shot in Arizona. Sparks a nationwide debate over self-censorship, inflammatory language, and responsibility.
  • - Half of the police force and a third of the firefighters laid off in the most dangerous city in the entire county-- Camden, NJ
  • - Keith Olbermann left MSNBC
  • - Global revolution, from Egpyt to Wall Street
  • - Ryan Murphy proves that he's a collossal monosexist douchebag
  • - Walk for Choice
  • - 8.9 magnitute Earthquake and Tsunami devastate the Pacific and parts of California
  • - the US attempts to tackle bullying - and in most cases, completely fails. NJ passes country's strongest anti-bullying laws
  • - President Obama releases his long form birth certificate to shut up the birthers. lol not even a map and a time machine to witness the birth firsthand would shut them up though.
  • - Osama bin Laden was caught and killed. I still do not think that is even remotely close to anything resembling justice, nor do I think it's something worth celebrating.
  • - New York legalizes same-sex marriage
  • - I got Tumblr-married <3
  • - London Riots. I still have no idea what happened there. It dropped off the face of the news...
  • - ;_; the final Harry Potter movie came out. This matters ok shut up. Hogwarts is my home.
  • - I declare war on Ryan Murphy, Dan Savage, and other biphobic asshats. Yes this is news.
  • - SOPA, S.978, and the Internet Blacklist bill are introduced (to the public?) -- mass riots ensue, and for good reason.
  • - Images of police brutality against OWS protesters at UC Davis make their way around the world. Pepper Spray Cop meme is created.
  • - The war in Iraq officially ended.
  • - President Obama signs into law the National Defense Authorization act that contains provions for infinite detention. (Everyone who keeps screaming about "that amendment wasn't passed!!!" is missing the big picture-- we were never talking about that amendment. I didn't even know about that amendment until it was brought up. We're talking about Section D which deals with detainees. Which is still totally there, as it was, and is and was never an amendment.)
That last one? Just this morning. Yeah, most likely not voting for you again, sir. I'm debating giving in and just voting for the socialist candidate. I didn't like last year's that much, but this new guy isn't too bad...

Anyway, long story short... I always thought this was just hyperbole, but I suppose it really is true. I'm not at all the same person I was last year, or the beginning of this year. Nor is this the same world it was before. And while tomorrow really is just another day, and the passing of a year from 11 to 12 is largely symbolic and has no real effect on how things change... let's hope 2012 can be better than the last. Even if it's an election year and all of the presidential candidates are utterly terrifying.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

So... Kelly Clarkson, huh... lmao

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I don't give a shit who she endorses. Whatever. I don't care. She can endorse Kim Jong Il for president for all I care. (Too soon? Well that was kind of the point. Nominate a deceased person. With "questionable" politics. Moving on...) But what I find EXTREMELY hilarious is the way people try to defend themselves... (and really, I was literally sobbing from laughing so hard at these comments. I'm not just being facetious when I say it's hilarious.)

Wait for it... "straight rights." Kelly, I love your music and I'm not ashamed to say that, but LMFAO @ STRAIGHT RIGHTS. Maybe you were just trying to show how "super-inclusive" you are (don't forget the air quotes!!), but I seriously fucking hate it when people think that listing random colors or talking about "straight people's rights" --which, by the way, is oh I don't know, all of 'em, if you were wondering-- somehow legitimizes their claims of being inclusive and supportive, when all it does is emphasize their privilege and erase actual minority groups. We are more than just the colors of our skin, and our struggles run deeper than your offhanded, defensive comments.

Your choice of a candidate is... questionable, at best. Not a Ron Paul fan, but again, whatever, that's your choice. Can't say I'm that surprised. (But yeah, technically speaking, others have a right to comment as well. They shouldn't be so rude, but "getting upset" as the media seems to put it is fair game.) But seriously, you should have stopped there, because now you actually sound stupid and mildly offensive. Straight rights my ass.

Oh, but the funniest thing I've heard tonight? "Ron Paul is the intellectual's choice for 2012." LOL NO.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Insert Mundane Holiday-ish Thing Here.

I feel unbearably trapped still... No internet. I have my phone, of course, but it's not the same. Crashy apps, and such... I doubt most people in my life would understand why internet access means so much to me, but I'm really not joking when I say that it's my life -- or rather, my main connection to the world outside my bedroom. Most of the people around don't care that I exist. I have friends online. And right now, I really hate being away from them. I can text some people, but not all... It's the anxiety that makes it feel a million times worse than it should. But with anxiety comes depression, and with that... drinking heavily in the afternoons to keep the blades at bay. (It doesn't really work, but I pretend it does.) I don't recognize my life anymore. I think I mostly just can't remember it. I don't think I want to. I used to be happy, I think... maybe.

Anyway... the holidays are here, and things have been rougher this year than last, despite the slight increase in pay. (Though now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure I earned more last December. Retail has its perks...) The choice in our house was electricity or cable/internet. Gifts this year were few, and relatively inexpensive. I probably bought the most expensive things, and they were simple, basic $20 sweaters for my mom. I still have bills to pay, but I've been putting them off again... I found out late last night that my mom's cousin and her children had next to nothing... No tree, or gifts, and little food...

Imagine my fury when I woke up to find little pre-teens whining about not getting an iphone this year. And hearing about a father who would actually rather see his children starve than pay child support. So forgive me if I seem a bit more subdued than usual. I already hate the "holiday season," but with everyone around me screaming about how we should "be merry and have cheer!!!", my main phrase this week is pretty much "shut the fuck up before I shove those fuzzy socks up your ass."

I know, just a bundle of joy, am I not? Anyway... This year was rather uneventful, compared to last. There was an awkward phone conversation with my father, first time I've heard his voice in months, but that was about it. I suppose he's learned not to drop by unnanounced and expect to wisk my siblings off to his manor for the week. That would be a first. But they're both over 18 now. He can't force them to do anything.

I'm debating whether starting the new year blitzed out of my mind is a new tradition worth starting. If I can't remember the fuck-ups of last year, surely I won't repeat them next? Sounds like a plan. I'll be alone in my bedroom either way, same as always. But this upcoming year I want to save money and travel - whether to California (where I might like to meet with a certain someone) or to Orlando to visit Hogwarts (because Hogwarts is my home). And hopefully STK will come along (willingly. Darling, I'd hate to have to kidnap you, but if I have to tell your boss you're leaving on a quest to find the grail and you suspect Lord Voldemort has hidden a bit of his soul in it, I will. I mean it. You're coming.)

Right, well I'm sure you've had enough of my rambling for one night. I suppose I have too. I need to do laundry, but I suppose I'll have to make do with what's already clean... [sigh] Goodnight then.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm sorry you're so poor. We're fighting poverty! So can I have $50?

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Cue mini-rant because I'm kind of just... incredulous:

That awkward moment when an activist group supporting the Occupy Wall Street protests and the 99% asks for a minimum $50 donation… for a bumper sticker. Donate $1,000 and get an autographed book

While I obviously understand why organizations need donations to continue their work, and while ultimately, those funds are (hopefully) going to actually help to resolve the issues, I have to wonder if they ever see the disconnect between what they do and what they ask of their supporters.

If I’m part of the 99%, why would I waste a needed $50 on something like that? If I HAD $50, why would I give it to you instead of spending it on groceries or things I actually need to survive? If I’m supposed to be protesting against wasteful and corrupt financial practices that have left OUR pockets and bank accounts empty, what makes you think I would even consider giving you my money too? I really want to know. I thought you already understood that most of us don't have it. What makes you think I have that much to spare? Or that we should at a time like this? Wouldn't you rather advocate that we save it, in that case? I would.

I could understand asking for maybe a $10 donation. And yes, I understand how asking for donations works. Door in the face technique, start with something high and work your way down, hoping someone will give at least something. But when your cause is something related to financial hardship, and your email is flippantly talking about money like it's nothing... If you're just babbling about how everyone should donate at least $50 if they really care, or how real activists should give thousands of dollars to the cause, it just comes off as insensitive and inconsiderate.

Alright, I have work to do... and I just found out some rather sad information and now I have to figure out how to deal with it. [sigh]

Thursday, December 15, 2011

So... yeah... Iraq...

If you haven't heard yet, the war in Iraq *officially* ended today, after 8 years... (fucking finally... though it's not the only war is it... We're still in Afghanistan. 10 fucking years of death and destruction. Ugh.) Though most of the news sites only care about the GOP debate. lol America... [sigh] Why do I live here again?

And still... after the war comes rebuilding... and trying to move on...

Edit: Tonight we say goodbye to Christopher Hitchens. Your intellect and eloquence will be sorely missed.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why would you do that?

What kind of blogger would I be if I passed up this glorious opportunity? Don't answer that.!I'm currently being stalked by a silent cat, while lying on a friend's couch and reading Maxim. Yes, you read that right. Maxim.

Despite the obviously misogynistic tone, I have found certain parts to be somewhat interesting. An entire section on "lesbian sex." Oh, with mentions of bisexual women, but lol no we won't call them that because this article is about lesbians. But I digress...

Other than the "lesbians exist to please us men" bullshit, as well as the "two women will be annoyingly sensitive and need to talk about everything right away," the constant mention of the "awesomness" of online lesian porn, and monosexist bullshit in this article...
meh. Can't say I didn't learn anything. Nothing I'm willing to share, because that's more than a little personal, but um... yeah. Anyway, thank you, Maxim writer, for proving to me that even in what was meant to be an elightening
article, you and your cohorts still manage to be disrespectful douchebags. Thank you for meeting my expectations.

Now if you'll excuse me... I need to sleep.