Sunday, April 22, 2012

When OL Friends Meet IRL

I had the most amazing day yesterday.(I went to the Struck By Lightning premiere!!!) And while I'm currently blogging from the shower (true fact) and I don't have time for a full recap, I wanted to at least talk about one part of the experience. For the first time ever, I met my online friends. And it was AWESOME. (Spent the day and a car ride home with a 40 year old man and did not die. Mom, teachers, you had nothing to worry about.) For the first time in a long time, it felt like I had real friends. (Other than STK of course. But you're still so far away ;_;) And now we're all at out respective homes sobbing over that fact... It's interesting how lonely we've become as we get older... even with technology.

And for all of those who say that internet friends aren't real friends-- lol fuck you I love these people and they are closer to me than some of my IRL friends have ever been. I surprised myself- I trust them with my life. And I miss everyone terribly. But you know what we said when we parted on the train? See you tonight! See you later! In a way, we're never really apart. And that is pretty wonderful.

Anyway, the water's getting cold. I'll see you all later :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I think there's just something about being an ex-Catholic atheist...

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(P.S. - I fully know and expect that this will be offensive to others. Yet this is pretty much my explanation as to why I don't care. It's a response to something that was said to me, so... yeah. It's personal.)

I think there's just something about being an ex-Catholic atheist...

For some of us, it's not enough to just ignore it afterwards. Especially when it's still shoved in your face every single day. And you try so hard to just get on with it and live your life the way you think you should, but there's always some asshole trying to interfere and shove their beliefs down your throat. After you've rejected said beliefs on numerous occasions and they still don't fucking get that you think said beliefs, when put into "practice" by the mainstream, are a load of fantastical, oppressive shit.

It's just not enough.

No, we want to take it down, tear it apart bit by bit, almost like revenge for the torture and brainwashing and abuse it put us through. Being shamed for questioning or doubting - or breathing the wrong way, at it often seems. It's just another means of control. Nothing but punishment and judgment and shame.

It's not about changing your beliefs or trying to offend you. We really don't care what you choose to do. Think of it this way:

And as I said last night, I will never be able to understand the obsession with immortality and life after death. Life sucks - why would anyone want to live again? And how can you live in happiness knowing that others are suffering? What kind of practice condemns you at birth, sets up impossible rules for you to follow, and then punishes you for (predictably) messing up? Why can't you be a good person for the sake of being a good person? Why do we have to get eternal damnation and invisible cloud men involved??? It doesn't make sense.

Catholicism to me now is hypocritical at best.

I should change the title of this post to "Woes of an Ex-Catholic Atheist in a Very Catholic Family and Town." I'll be a Christian atheist but seriously, fuck your religion with a rusty pipe.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

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I never understood the obsession with immortality. I've been wondering lately if it was just a coincidence that I officially renounced Catholicism just before the depression hit. Life sucks. Why would anyone want to live forever? Why would anyone want to live again after death?

Anyway, just a few thoughts for you this weekend. Happy Zombie Jesus Day!