Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear Mr. President

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Dear President Obama,

Congratulations on being re-elected!

Sucks you decided to fuck up not even 24 hours later by ordering a drone attack on Yemen. Mr. President, lemme lay this out for you. I voted for you. Twice. Because my personal health and safety depends on YOU and on keeping people like Romney the fuck away from things that affect me and mine. But here's the deal - you keep talkin all this shit bout equality and a brighter future for the world while bombing little children overseas.

You listen right here. You WILL fucking stop that shit. If you think you're gonna be pullin the same damn shit you did last term, you got another think comin. If it means riots in the streets, then so be it. But fuck you if you think we will be silent.

Your administration has been responsible for some of the worst human rights offenses I may ever see in my lifetime. But you are going to fix that this term. Starting with ending drone strikes and ALL of the wars, effective immediately. You are going to change NDAA. You are going to close Guantanamo Bay and stop detaining people without just cause or due trial, and you are going to stop torturing people and ordering people secretly killed. You are going to stop deporting and criminalizing undocumented people who have been living and working in this country -- and you are going to offer them citizenship without forced military service. You are going to tell Israel to fuck off.

Now that we got that straight. They will call you an Angry Black Man regardless - so you are going to show those bastards everything you have. Prove to me that you are worth my trust. GO HARD OR GO HOME. This is your last chance as President to do what you came to do.Your last 4 years. Give us ENDA, give us the closest you can get to real universal healthcare - and not that shit you passed before, however grateful for it I may be. I want schooling to not just be more affordable, but more better. You told me I could trust you to make it better - I want to. Make sure my rights as a queer, mentally ill, POC with a uterus are protected. I am trusting you with that. For the next 4 years, I am entrusting you with my livelihood, my safety, and my future.

I don't expect you to fix everything. I don't expect you to keep every promise you ever made. And I don't expect you to be able to do it all at once, in a year, in two years, maybe not even in four. But I do expect you to be a decent human being, and I do expect you to give it your absolute best. And I'll do my best from where I'm standing. Do we have a deal?



Yeah, sorry, I liveblogged on Tumblr this time. But we will live! And it's time to really get shit done. No more Mr Nice Guy.

But really- more openly queer people (women! Women of color! Disabled women of color omg!!!) in Congress, a black man re-elected... We did this. This is history, this is big. And our generation saw this become a reality. If Romney had won, I would not have expected to see this for a very long time, maybe not even in my lifetime ;_; I have cried so much tonight and I am so relieved.