Friday, July 31, 2009

Random - Secrets

Ever feel so stupid about something you can never change? [Sigh] Random flashback moment... A depressing play + Skittles + "Lemon!" + "Strawberry first. I'll wait for you to love me... (before the lemon...)" = very unhappy me right now... (and potentially delusional- however I found extensive evidence that I'm not; I've just been lied to, either then or now... Either way, I feel pretty stupid...)

Sometimes the only way to defeat your enemies is to get all secrets out in the open - they have nothing more to use against you, and you also leave them completely vulnerable to attack. (Word of warning - you don't want to get on my bad side. I can hold a grudge when appropriate, and I don't "play nice.") And if you haven't guessed, I'm a big fan of the Gossip Girl TV series (surprise surprise... but Ed Westwick is too cute!!!) I'm not sure what secrets I have that could be of any interest to anyone, but for the entire month of August, I'll answer any question... It's something I used to do for someone... Every month, he could ask me any 3 questions he wanted, and I had to answer honestly... Haha, he just never asked the right question though... ("I'm sorry. My responses are limited. You must ask the right questions..." Sorry, that just popped into my head...)

I should really be sleeping now...

Friday, July 24, 2009

HAHA!!! Check this out - Apple Asked Microsoft to End 'Laptop Hunter' Ads?

Apparently someone's still good at marketing... (but come on, they're so right. I wanted a Mac until I saw the price... and complete lack of useful features ^^" Sorry, but they seriously suck in terms of hardware... weak... I'd break it in a week tops... This Dell, however, although in pieces on the outside, actually still works incredibly well for being dropped 300+ times ^"...)

Apple Asked Microsoft to End 'Laptop Hunter' Ads?

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Stupid People Are Social Problems" (Darwin Help Us...)

I can't sleep, so I thought I might update this (for once...) There's so much annoying me right now... With school coming up, and the tuition and loan bills coming in... I never thought I would be the type to constantly worry about money. I never used to. Now, even when I have it, I'm panicking that I don't have enough. I've been sucked in to this horrific world of money... this stupid capitalistic society... Thank you, college. Really.
For some reason or another, I don't think either of my parents can get any more loans (which is a BIG problem, because my sister is about to start college next year!) and I can't get a decent one without a cosigner, since I have no credit (well, maybe now I do, but it's not good... not yet) nor do I even remember how many loans I currently have... (it's a lot...) Financially, things are not at all well at home. It's times like this that I wonder just how exactly anyone would go about trying to "fix" this damn economy. I HATE capitalism with a passion, for just this reason - we are a nation obsessed with wealth, ignoring the state of the common people's welfare for the sake of acquiring more wealth. It's always about money. It's disgusting. But as it is now vital to our system, we kind of need it to work.

I hear so many people constantly complaining about stores like Walmart, Starbucks, and Costco, saying that they are destroying American values and neighborhoods and damaging small business. While I used to (semi-) agree with statements like that, I'm not stupid. Walmart is the NUMBER ONE employer in THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. OVER 1.1 MILLION people have jobs because of one little family business that started in Hicksville, USA (sorry, but my friend is from AR and even she says it's in the middle of nowhere...) Maybe they are underpaid, but let's say the company goes under overnight. That's literally a million-plus people without jobs, not even including Sam's Club employees (if you didn't know, they're owned by the same company...), corporate jobs, truck drivers, manufacturers, etc etc. I'm not trying to defend everything they stand for, or deny that they aren't exactly the best employer to work for, but seriously, shut the fuck up. Some of us actually do like inexpensive shopping trips at stores that have what we're looking for. Yes, I generally prefer Target over Walmart (which was basically all they've tried to do- be cleaner than Walmart...) but if I want a $10 waffle iron at 3 am, guess where the fuck I'm going! If you don't want to shop there, that's your problem, but don't complain about it if I'm going.

So, to propose a solution to all of our problems - annex Mexico and/or build a giant Walmart (or several...) along the Mexican border. They get the jobs and better lives they seek, and our economy is stimulated. We get more land, hardworking people with good values (unlike the lazy "All-American" bastards we have here...), and more jobs!

Anyway, I promised an interesting topic, so here it is - while randomly surfing Wikipedia, I came across a very interesting article about a group of people so ridiculous, Darwin would be proud of himself. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, aka VHMENT (, has been around for about 18 years now (seems like they're failing...) and promotes the belief that the world is better off without humans. While I've been saying things like that for a looong time now (global warming - first "natural disaster" directly caused by a single species. Enough said.), I never thought anyone would be so stupid as to actually try to do it. "Volunteers" and "Supporters" of the movement may believe it immoral or unjustifiable to "create" more humans - i.e. will not reproduce-- believing that eventually, humans will simply die out. I'm sorry, but does anyone else see a major flaw in this plan? Like, oh I don't know, how damaging it is to destroy an entire species (believe me, if there were no effects whatsoever I would so be all for taking out several species that have a few too many legs...)? I mean really, talk about hardcore environmentalism. Oh well, Darwinism at it's finest!!!Yes, the world's (well, ok, China's...) population needs to be reduced for the sake of others and the environment, however killing people off doesn't exactly seem to be the way to do it, and that "population control" by restricting births is just working oh so fucking well, now isn't it?... (And the plan from the new Death Note movie, while eerie and disgustingly frightening to think about as an actual government suggestion, would definitely be worse than they think it will...) Yes, I TOTALLY think there should be a test you have to pass in order to have children (only intelligent people should be allowed to pass on their genes! I'm sorry, but really, how many more stupid people do we need in this world? Ugh, the more I read the VHMENT website, the more stupid statements I find... Yes, really, by all means - be the first to go, please. I beg you, go see the site. It's just... go. It's hilarious... though I don't think it's supposed to be. I agree with some things they say, but they're just too extreme... Besides, I eventually want kids [someday]. I'm adopting at least one, but that doesn't mean I can't have my own, too.) I think the biggest issue is not so much population control in terms of numbers but control in terms of lifestyles and over our environmental impact. Having a big family is not a good thing anymore. Learn to love the extended family! Also, the issues with world hunger (and poverty...) aren't exactly related to lack of food or overpopulation, but moreso the inequalities in the distribution of resources/food and wealth...

[sigh] At least something good has come out of this summer - I think I finally decided what I will do with my life, if I really have to be a part of this vile capitalist world... I'll go into human resources, specifically regarding management and training in corporate retail... After working where I am for the past month or so, I see so many areas for improvement that I could actually fix, if people would just listen to me... Some people don't like change... I, for one, am so ready for it... Please, Barack H. Obama - you're in a position to do what so many of us can't. Bring on the socialist ideals that could save our sorry asses. (And make it worth my vote - I "gave up" 65% Nader for 32% you!!! Then again, anyone is better than that idiot Palin... Oh Darwin [shudders] How much longer does this earth have to put up with that moron???)