Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Pardon My Sarcasm Year in Review

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Goodbye 2011, hello election year. It's been one hell of a ride, but things are sure to be heating up in the upcoming months...

Things I learned this year:
  • Tumblr is amazing and I should never ever leave.
  • ;_; Hogwarts will forever be my home
  • People love me on the internet. (Not so much irl...?)
  • None of my closest friends have abandoned me because of my sexuality
  • which is good because I've kind of been a raging activist all year and no one hates me for it. Yet.
  • ... though I haven't decided if that's a good thing or not. Am I doing it right? I did lose a few ~friends because of it, so maybe?
  • how to be a better trans* ally. oh, and apparently I'm genderqueer. There's a name for it. Oh. Ok.

Things I've accomplished this year:
  • Um, that blog post about biphobia on Glee is pretty high up there. Like, REALLY high up there. That may even be my biggest accomplishment post college. And the fact that I continue to bitch about it and annoy the fuck out of my followers has helped me meet people I absolutely love *hugs*
The year in politics: ... I don't even want to go there. Honestly. But I will. [sigh]
  • - Gabby Giffords and 12 others shot in Arizona. Sparks a nationwide debate over self-censorship, inflammatory language, and responsibility.
  • - Half of the police force and a third of the firefighters laid off in the most dangerous city in the entire county-- Camden, NJ
  • - Keith Olbermann left MSNBC
  • - Global revolution, from Egpyt to Wall Street
  • - Ryan Murphy proves that he's a collossal monosexist douchebag
  • - Walk for Choice
  • - 8.9 magnitute Earthquake and Tsunami devastate the Pacific and parts of California
  • - the US attempts to tackle bullying - and in most cases, completely fails. NJ passes country's strongest anti-bullying laws
  • - President Obama releases his long form birth certificate to shut up the birthers. lol not even a map and a time machine to witness the birth firsthand would shut them up though.
  • - Osama bin Laden was caught and killed. I still do not think that is even remotely close to anything resembling justice, nor do I think it's something worth celebrating.
  • - New York legalizes same-sex marriage
  • - I got Tumblr-married <3
  • - London Riots. I still have no idea what happened there. It dropped off the face of the news...
  • - ;_; the final Harry Potter movie came out. This matters ok shut up. Hogwarts is my home.
  • - I declare war on Ryan Murphy, Dan Savage, and other biphobic asshats. Yes this is news.
  • - SOPA, S.978, and the Internet Blacklist bill are introduced (to the public?) -- mass riots ensue, and for good reason.
  • - Images of police brutality against OWS protesters at UC Davis make their way around the world. Pepper Spray Cop meme is created.
  • - The war in Iraq officially ended.
  • - President Obama signs into law the National Defense Authorization act that contains provions for infinite detention. (Everyone who keeps screaming about "that amendment wasn't passed!!!" is missing the big picture-- we were never talking about that amendment. I didn't even know about that amendment until it was brought up. We're talking about Section D which deals with detainees. Which is still totally there, as it was, and is and was never an amendment.)
That last one? Just this morning. Yeah, most likely not voting for you again, sir. I'm debating giving in and just voting for the socialist candidate. I didn't like last year's that much, but this new guy isn't too bad...

Anyway, long story short... I always thought this was just hyperbole, but I suppose it really is true. I'm not at all the same person I was last year, or the beginning of this year. Nor is this the same world it was before. And while tomorrow really is just another day, and the passing of a year from 11 to 12 is largely symbolic and has no real effect on how things change... let's hope 2012 can be better than the last. Even if it's an election year and all of the presidential candidates are utterly terrifying.

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