Thursday, December 29, 2011

So... Kelly Clarkson, huh... lmao

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I don't give a shit who she endorses. Whatever. I don't care. She can endorse Kim Jong Il for president for all I care. (Too soon? Well that was kind of the point. Nominate a deceased person. With "questionable" politics. Moving on...) But what I find EXTREMELY hilarious is the way people try to defend themselves... (and really, I was literally sobbing from laughing so hard at these comments. I'm not just being facetious when I say it's hilarious.)

Wait for it... "straight rights." Kelly, I love your music and I'm not ashamed to say that, but LMFAO @ STRAIGHT RIGHTS. Maybe you were just trying to show how "super-inclusive" you are (don't forget the air quotes!!), but I seriously fucking hate it when people think that listing random colors or talking about "straight people's rights" --which, by the way, is oh I don't know, all of 'em, if you were wondering-- somehow legitimizes their claims of being inclusive and supportive, when all it does is emphasize their privilege and erase actual minority groups. We are more than just the colors of our skin, and our struggles run deeper than your offhanded, defensive comments.

Your choice of a candidate is... questionable, at best. Not a Ron Paul fan, but again, whatever, that's your choice. Can't say I'm that surprised. (But yeah, technically speaking, others have a right to comment as well. They shouldn't be so rude, but "getting upset" as the media seems to put it is fair game.) But seriously, you should have stopped there, because now you actually sound stupid and mildly offensive. Straight rights my ass.

Oh, but the funniest thing I've heard tonight? "Ron Paul is the intellectual's choice for 2012." LOL NO.

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