Monday, October 24, 2011

#S978, Elections, and Getting Back to Business

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I do my best thinking at about 3 AM, but I don't have the luxury of time for that tonight. Election season has begun, and with NaNo starting in a week (!!!), it's time to get serious. [starts singing Mulan... whoops...]

OK! 2 hours later. Yeah, I went on a singing spree... Anyway. Time to get serious. It's election season, half my neighborhood is campaigning for someone I definitely do not want to win, and my mind is stuck in Drarry-land where everything is Drarry and smut and nothing hurts. I need to remember how to be a snarky, cynical bitch again. Good luck with that.

So. Tumblr's all a buzz - apparently it really IS all the rage these days. Guess who's 2012 campaign just kicked off there today? Yeah, that's right - President Barack Obama now has a Tumblr. Well, his campaign people do. I still haven't decided if I'll be (unofficially) joining them this year. I'm utterly thrilled about some things, while disappointed about others... What else is new. Do I believe he has potential? Yes. So much of it. Do I adore the guy? Totally. He's awesome and funny and inspiring. The real question is can he do it... This has been an era of LGBTQ+ strides for sure. But we've taken some pretty big hits to immigration policy and obviously the improvement of economy over the past few years... I suppose now would be a fantastic time to do a political report card. Ok then. I'll get on that.

Til then - new petition - As if we didn't have enough reasons to hate the RIAA and MPAA, apparently there's a new bill on the table (Bill S.978) that would prohibit people from posting videos containing music they didn't make themselves. So that funny Youtube video of you singing along to Christina Aguilera? Fined. Want to do a play-through of Metal Gear Solid? Nope. Give a review of it? HA. Made up a dance to Party Rock Anthem and you want to show it off? Or perhaps you've finally learned that new song on the guitar? LOL NO BITCH. Want to watch anime or JDrama that doesn't air in your country? Whoops. Go directly to jail, do not pass go. (Well, it's probably not going to get THAT extreme, but I'm sure you get my point.) Maybe this isn't something that you think concerns you, but it's kind of a huge deal to many who make a living off of game reviews; or to the aspiring singer/actor looking to get signed to a record label or The Glee Project (true fact-- that's how they audition); or to the every day netizen who enjoys posting silly videos for their friends on Tumblr. If you care, please sign here and pass it on!

And don't forget to #Occupy!

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