Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brad Falchuk, We don't feel included. #biphobia #BisexualErasure #Glee

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Way to FAIL at "leading by example," RIB.

I'm still avoiding politics for the most part, due to the situation in Japan... I just can't right now. But I've spent the entire day raging about 2 topics. The first one is kind of touchy and has to do with cissexist heteronormative feminists, so again, I'm avoiding it. (And it seriously pisses me off that feminism is considered "too holy" to ever criticize... Complain about anything ever and you're instantly labeled "anti-feminist" or "anti-woman" regardless of what you actually said. [rolls eyes] If you have a problem with constructive criticism, GFY.)

The second is Glee. And yea, biphobia. Or rather, what appears to be, yet again, bisexual erasure... Remember how last week I said that the Brittana episode wasn't biphobic, that in fact it was WIN? Guess not. Because despite the fact that Santana talked about her fluidity, and the fact that she was attracted to both men and women, she is apparently not bisexual, or pansexual, or even fluid it seems. Instead, we're getting another 100% gay character who just happens to have had a history of sleeping with men. And Brittany. Apparently her lack of emotional attachment to any of the men she was with (which I attributed to her intense love for Brittany) means she was just homophobic and can't possibly be bisexual, because apparently we ladies are supposed to fall madly in love with every single person we ever sleep with. Can't ever just enjoy sex for the sex, huh... And while again, even the mention of the word "lesbian" on Glee was a Big Thing, and the acknowlegment that they exist, how can I not be annoyed that once again, bi is shoved aside? You had a huge, unprecedented opportunity, and you blew it. But as upsetting as that was, that wasn't what seriously pissed me off this time. No, it was Brad Falchuk's explanation:
“(Lesbian visibility) was our intention,” Falchuk added. “We want to make sure everybody is included. Santana is a lesbian. She might not be ready to come out yet, but she is.”
I highlighted it in red. (This is from AfterEllen) "We want to make sure everybody is included." So what you're trying to tell me, Brad, is that bisexual men do not exist in any way, "bicurious" people will always either be straight or gay despite being attracted to more than one sex and/or gender, and it's very important to have multiple gay characters on a show to be positive role models for gay and questioning teens but no one else-- but the show is just oh so super inclusive? But the possibility of having a positive multisexual role model on Glee requires all of you to comment on "no, they're totally gay," they're always "one of [you]"? Oh yea, real inclusive. What about trans*? I don't see them represented. LGBT-- oh wait, I forgot the B & T aren't real. We're not "one of them," isn't that right, Ryan Murphy? So again, we're left with Kurt's biphobic rant, which (as a result) basically leads to an argument, which leads to "oh, wait, I AM gay!" which leads to "I've been looking for you forever, fuck the fact that you insulted me-- Let's Make Out." No resolution whatsoever. They never spoke of it again, and apparently Blaine has entirely forgotten the incident and has forgiven Kurt. Or it was never a big deal to him in the first place. There was no real counterargument made against those specific points, there was no discussion of what it meant or the implications, and it seems the fandom has moved on as well. We hoped for an explanation, we didn't get one. And now it appears we simply aren't going to. Because apparently, to RIB, it's not important. Even if Brittany "officially" becomes the bisexual/pansexual in the group, I suspect that the moment Brittana actually happens, her relationship with Artie will be forgotten, and her sexual history will become entirely irrelevant. Because bisexuals don't exist-- not on Glee, and not in real life. Thanks a bunch, RIB.

So while everyone else is still freaking out about the big kiss, the "first gay male teen kiss on primetime TV" (which it actually was not, but lol if you think anyone gives a shit... ugh), a few of us have been contemplating just how "inclusive" you writers really are. This won't be the last time you hear from me.

This has been a mini-rant brought to you by the letter B, and the number 2.

UPDATE: It seems that others at least in the Tumblr fandom group have finally started to discuss this... maybe.


Anonymous said...

Just saw the episode with Kurts comments, came online to see if anyone was talking about. Terrible when the show is meant to help eliminate some of these prejudices/reach out to those that face them...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this; you're spot on.

Kaycee said...

Oh my F'ing God! I just found your blog and I love it! Thank you so much for your comments about the wierd gay/straight binary on Glee. So NOT inclusive. As a queer/bi peron who loves the Karofsky story line I was still so disappointed with it. He's gay and only gay because he kissed a guy? WTF? Much <3 for you, thanks again.