Friday, January 21, 2011

Petition time - Keith Olbermann was just fired.

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Keith Olbermann was just fired. Join me in signing this petition and standing with Keith.

UPDATE: Bold Progressives has shared this Thank You statement/petition

Or if you're on Twitter -I'm starting a petition for a HuffPost TV network featuring Maddow & Olbermann (ok, so this is kind of wishful thinking, but still!) - http://act­.ly/2zo

Rachel says it was a mutual decision. Sorry, but somehow, I really don't buy that... Maybe I just don't want to. Either way, I know this isn't as pressing a matter as ending rape or world hunger, but this matters, in its own way. We who are left-of-center have very few voices to speak to/for us on MSM. We can't stand to lose one now, especially someone as outspoken as Keith Olbermann.

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