Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Making it Official - 2011 sucks. #olbermann

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So is it safe to officially announce that 2011 sucks? I know we're just getting started, but OMFGWTF?!?!

Let's examine the evidence so far:
  • Tea Party House of Congress
  • Obama considering cuts to social security
  • I might actually be homeless by this time next month
They ended their contract. Or should I say, MSNBC ended his contract. Why? I don't know... It's all over Twitter, but none of the major news sites have picked it up yet. Rumors suggest it has something to do with his previous suspension, or the NBC/Comcast merger. I suspect we'll get a few petitions around soon, but... ??? I don't know what this means for KO. Again, if he and Rachel get their own network, I'm so there. MSNBC is worthless to me without the two of them. Only reason I ever watch. And even with just Rachel there... (when she's there, and Wannabe Rachel isn't trying so hard to be her...)

I'm not going to lie right now, I'm kind of sad about this. It's kind of like losing a friend... (albeit a rather distant one that I’ve never actually met. But we hung out every weeknight at 8! It was fun! We had some good times!! Why are they ending so abruptly? Was my money not good enough, MSNBC??? Our petitions???)

I'm hoping some good news will follow... Please?

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