Monday, January 3, 2011

Fail, Win, & Avoiding Feminist Backlash...

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I wrote this super long post about my pet peeves about feminism and discussions of rape culture and sexual assault, and now I don't want to share it. Great. Really.

I'll probably get around to it, I just need more time (and vodka) to prepare for potential backlash... Touchy subjects are like that, and if this gets back to Tumblr... Not likely anyone will see it, but clearly the topic elicits some pretty strong emotions, so even 1 or 2 angry people...

So yea, while I mull that over, here's what's going on, since the new Tea Party Congress (please don't make me say it again) has taken over. They've already scheduled a vote for repealing health care reform. Without hearings. Yes, that's right-- they're not even going to consider any other viewpoints, or the effects of repealing the legislation. Odds are this won't get past the Senate even if it manages to pass in the House, but still... Oy.

Anthony Weiner is on Countdown talking about this right now... (Cablevision lied and told me it was a rerun. Bad Cablevision! But I hear Male Rachel will be on tonight. I am very sad about this. I wish he would either stop trying to be Rachel and just be himself, or that the magnificent Dr. Maddow would just grace us with her exuberant intelligence and inimitable wit... ^^")

Re: Anonymous... Pros and cons of (cyber) attacking a foreign government? Hmm..

Oh, alright... I'll try to scrounge up the courage to actually post what was I was going to... I just don't want to start a war. I have way too much on my mind, and no desire to alienate a group of people I generally like, or Storyteller Knight for that matter (I know we just talked about this, but... still. If you read it in its entirety...) Maybe after a few hours of video games or something, or a few more hours of browsing Tumblr... Ah, Tumblr...

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