Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Updates

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Ok, so haven't the faintest idea what I was talking abut this morning, but New Years things, since life goes on...
  • Happy 1/1/11! The next time we'll see anything even remotely close to this is 11/11/11, and then not again for another 1000 years. (So yea, WE aren't going to see this again. lol...)
  • A bunch of new health care rules go into effect today. Things like closing the "donut-hole" we've heard so much about, and requiring that insurers spend 80-85% of premiums on actual medical care and other things specifically for the customers; and giving seniors free preventative screenings and yearly check-ups; etc.
  • Yesterday, Joe Miller finally FINALLY conceded to winner Lisa Murkowski and dropped the lawsuit that made him Sore Loser of the Year. So congrats, Murkowski, first female senator from Alaska. (Moderate pro-choice, pro-stem-cell, pro-SCHIP republican who voted for DADT repeal & helped expand the hate crimes definition to include LGBT? Eh, I'll take it, even if her environmental record is... well, absolutely appalling. Lesser of 2 evils again. Why is that always the case??)
  • The snow is finally melting! Yay! Just thought I would mention that...
  • Ok, so this might just be a minor concern, but Wikileaks hasn't posted any new leaks since December 28th... They are still in operation, and will be getting new funding (and actual paychecks) due to Assange's supposed book deal, but... ? Weird.
  • Apparently the House is now allowed to have phones on the floor. If Congress is anything like high school or college, I suspect things will get very interesting...
  • World News: The UN has been discussing the possibility of genocide in the Ivory Coast. There are reports of a mass grave, but the UN's probe has been blocked, as the Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo denies the rumors. Conflict in the region will likely continue to escalate, as West African nations prepare to forcefully oust Gbagbo, due to the the controversial outcome of the November election.
  • NJ Governor Fa- I mean, Christie, wasn't here last weekend to enjoy our wonderful blizzard. Word is he preferred Blizzard Beach. (Then again, so do I, but I was stuck here in the 3 feet of real snow, not floating down the lazy river with a cute British girl I had just met over at the wave pool... True story, actually.) I really could not care less that he stayed - what the hell would have done once he got here, if he were able to get here? Whatever. This wouldn't be such a big deal if the person he hired (and, you know, created a position for) was actually here to do her job too-- take over as governor when the actual governor was away. But no, she too was off on vacation in Mexico, despite the fact that one of them is supposed to remain in the state at all times. So instead, we were left with Democrat Stephen Sweeney, President of the state senate as our acting governor. He got the job done, so good for him, even if he promised to "be nice" and not do anything even remotely left-of-center until Christie got back. Can we keep him? Please??? Not his biggest fan, but he has to be better than Christie, who never seems to be around when the state needs him... (pic is clickable, btw... Check it out)
    • In other NJ blizzard news, remember a while back I mentioned this awesome guy named Cory Booker who is the mayor of Newark? You know, that guy who drastically reduced crime there? Yea, him. He spent all day Monday organizing snow plows and a cleanup brigade to help his constituents, personally responding to concerns and requests using Twitter-- oh, and actually grabbing a shovel to help out. I know, right??? I told you he was awesome. (Plus he's super cute. Just sayin.) Keep an eye on this guy, he might very well be President material.
    • But other mayors weren't so cool. Some people in Brooklyn are still digging out, though most were able to finally get their streets plowed by Thursday. Bloomberg = FAIL.
  • DADT - still waiting for "repeal" to actually be implemented...
  • Ok... here it goes. The DREAM Act. It failed, and we're unlikely to see any real progress on immigration reform in the coming years. I don't know what else to say other than I'm really disappointed, and I hope we can do better this year.
  • I'm having tons of fun on Tumblr! I moved my Random Rants over to there (again, tired of Blogger's static pages...) So if I'm not here, I'm probably hanging out over there.
So there you have it. Happy New Year, everyone!

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