Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mid-Week Updates. Because I felt like it. | #DADT, #DREAM, #FCC

Mid-week updates:
  • You may have noticed a few minor changes here and there. I'm renovating! New year, new look. (Well, maybe. I don't know how far I'm planning on going with this, but we'll see...) Storyteller Knight has also been promoted! Yay! lol... She now officially has her own page here,  accessible from the link at the top. Check it out. (Uh, layout's still a work in progress ^^" I got into a fight with the html & css editor... Ultimately, I won, but it was a long, hard battle with a bit of collateral damage.)
  • I think I should make a general statement regarding a topic that has been brought up far more times than I am comfortable with. Several people have mentioned or asked about the Assange rape allegations and events stemming from it (more specifically, controversial comments made by 2 very well-known media figures). Other than the brief and somewhat off-hand comments I made regarding this situation before, I don't want to talk about it, I don't want to think about it, I'm not going to discuss it. I've had enough of horrifying sex abuse stories for one year. Between this, and the Columbia "consensual" incest thing [shudder], and all of the other stories I hear on a daily basis, I don't want to think about it. This sensitive topic is already one that rarely leaves a woman's mind, and in light of recent events, I would like to ask that you not attempt to discuss it with me, or on this particular page at this time. (I believe Storyteller Knight may be interested, *hint-hint* so maybe you should head over to her new page. Yes, this is also a shameless plug. Believe me, I can fit these in anywhere. Plus it takes my mind off of the topic for a moment, so...) I don't think either side would like what I have to say on the subject, and as I've gone off on one too many fem-rants this week, I would really rather not get involved in the feud. So I'm staying out of it and keeping my mouth shut, lest someone get their head bitten off. ([grumbles] Fucking asshole called me "Baby"...)
  • The FCC caved. Bye-bye net neutrality, hello "premium corporate speed lane" for those of you with the $$$. The rest of us will probably be waiting for Facebook to load, so that we can complain about how slow the internet's gotten. That is, if Facebook doesn't get on AT&T's shit-list.
  • And the only news I really care about right now - DADT repeal bill is getting signed tomorrow, 9:15AM EST. I'll be watching. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed by how much is getting done in the lame duck session. We've had 2 years with few major bills getting through, and now all of a sudden we have DADT repeal, the START treaty, the Food Safety bill now sitting on President Obama's desk, this tax "deal" (regardless of how I feel about it, or the FCC deal, fact is something actually got done for once). Now if Obama & Congress can just pass the 9/11 Responders bill, close Gitmo, repeal DOMA, do something productive and proactive to fix the immigration system, up job growth, and end these stupid, expensive wars, he might do alright after all... I think that might be enough to make everybody happy. (What a wish list, eh? But that is their job...)
  • Speaking of fixing immigration, I came across some comments the other day that suggested (well, ok, flat out said) that the DREAM Act is just another way to say "amnesty." How is it amnesty if they're required to work for it? Getting into, paying for (without scholarships!), and completing 2 years of college is super easy? Military service is "just a giveaway?" I'm not sure I'd buy that argument.
  • Even Fox News was in on the WTF?! regarding the obstruction of the 9/11 responders healthcare bill.
  • Oh yea... Speaking of the Food Safety bill, I'm going to take a few moments to totally bask in the glory of being totally right for once ^^". Remember a while back I got into that argument with all of those people on Care2 regarding their claims that the bill would allow the government to take over people's personal gardens? And remember how I kept showing them that the bill explicitly stated that it was intended for farmers only, and I kept asking them to clarify exactly where they were seeing this "garden" clause? Yea, well they couldn't tell me. Because it was "sugar-coded [sic]". Yea right. Like I said, IT WASN'T THERE! Politifact ruled that statement to be Pants On Fire. So yay, 10 points for Kiely!
  • Massive snowstorm in Europe... and I'm dreading the fact that we're actually supposed to have a "white Christmas" as well this year. I hate snow. And I hate it even more when I have to shovel it.
Alright, that's enough of that...  I have very little time before the sibling from hell arrives home from college. This is my last chance to spend some time alone, for almost an entire month. I want to enjoy it while I can...

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