Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm all over the place today. But Vote for Rush Holt!

While I have sunken into the oblivion that is yaoi-fangirl-land, I hope that this message finds you well. Tis too late to save me from South Park slash, alas-- go on without me, I'll catch up with you in a few days! :-D

So anyway, this past week went by so quickly!  Yet I've been through so much, personally- freaking out over whether an old crush was even a crush at all (long story, don't ask), finally deciding on what grad school program I'm going to try for (social work. It was my original plan, way back when I was just starting to think about what I wanted to do with my life. The pay sucks and it takes a lot of work, but it's what I love... I'm resigning myself to a lifetime of debt & poverty, but I'll be helping people directly...), & of course I've been bouncing off the walls thinking about the Rally For Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive. Yes, that's right  - I'M GOING!!! YAY!!! Former roomie & I got tickets for the HuffPost Sanity Bus. It's going to be awesome!!!

Though now I'm a little bit concerned about the upcoming elections. As I've previously mentioned, the incumbent representative for my district is up for re-election this year, against an independent, Kenneth Cody, and the poster-child for Wall Street, Scott Sipprelle. I didn't think there would be much of an issue this year, but now... With this rise in the TPers in my area, Sipprelle signs have been popping up everywhere. And just this morning as I was driving to the local farmers market, 2 women were walking down the side of the road with a giant "Sipprelle for Congress" banner between them. I'm sure they saw me frowning & shaking my head at the sign, because they just held it up even higher & waved their little flags at me... I'm not going to go into why I don't like Sipprelle, because a) I'm pretty sure that if you know what he stands for, it's easy to guess and b) it's really up to you to decide who you want (or don't want) to be your representative. But from my experiences, & from contacting him on issues I care about, Rush Holt is a great, progressive guy and I do truly hope he wins-- and not because I can't stand the alternative, but because I believe he really does a good job. I have yet to find a topic on which we disagree, and he's won so many awards for his work. And really, how many other districts can say they have a rocket scientist as their congressman?? Haha, to me that's like the coolest thing ever! I'm a geek/nerd and proud of it! :-D. I know I'm a "liberal elitist know-it-all," but I love smart people, especially when they support the same things I do and have gone above and beyond my expectations. So, in honor of a politician I will gladly support, I have put in a request for a Rush Holt bumper sticker. (Click to put in a request for your own! I wanted a lawn sign too, but my mother would've had a fit... -_-" I need my own place.) I can't/won't give money to politics, and I think political phone calls are annoying as hell & refuse to become a telemarketer, but I can do this...

Other news - I haven't checked twitter in days so I don't actually know much of what's going on in the world. Too obsessed with yaoi-land & reading AutoStraddle & Aarinfantasy to care :-P (& just remembered I have a phone... Haven't seen it in a few hours, where did it go?? [looks around] Ah, koko desu. Oh look 2 texts, 8 emails, & a missed call. Oops.)

I'm finishing up a few thoughts on that whole Pledge issue, on the Care2 site-- "I have refused to say the pledge since high school, because it feels like a mindless recitation of a lie. We do not have "liberty & justice for all." Those are empty words, & empty promises. And stories like this, and the fact that so many Americans are still oppressed and treated like second-class citizens, only confirm that for me :-("

I've said that before, yea? Many times. And have gotten a few angry comments all over the place for it, including here. (My Memorial Day post. Don't feel like linking to it, but it's here somewhere.)

I just found the most hilarious website ever - It's too bad the site's down, but should a Palinite ever attempt win a presidential election, I'm hoping it comes back ASAP. (And then my dreams of starting a [peaceful] underground rebellion can come true ^^" That does sound like such an adventure... I have such cool dreams-- when they don't include 8-legged monsters that is. [shudders]) I have no idea what I came here to say, but I suppose I've said all I should. Plus it would seem I have someone begging for my attention, ;-) lol... [sigh] Did I mention I'm considering giving up guys for a while? :-D What else is new. What was it I said before graduation? "Guys are stupid, I'm not attracted to women, so I'm going to be celibate." & "Will" said "it's never too late to be attracted to women!!!" Haha, maybe he's right? I always though Grace had a secret thing for Karen anyway lol... Bi pride! :-)  Ja, mata ashita!!


Anonymous said...

vote for Cody in the 12th! He's got some good ideas! Check out and his views. he's a real political outsider. I'm starting to see Cody signs in my area. He's better than Sipperelle and his youtube videos are quite funny. Vote for cody on november 2!

Anonymous said...

addition to my other the Cody campaign - they'll send you a bumper sticker! I've got one!

D.A.K. said...

Haha, looks like the Cody campaign has found me! JK :-P

Project VoteSmart is a great (and very informative) site. Cody does have some good ideas-- if I weren't so attached to Holt, I would certainly consider voting for Cody. As I said in an earlier post regarding Kenneth Cody (August 12), I'm very interested in seeing how this election plays out...