Friday, September 3, 2010

Again with bashing the 20s!

The Big Life Challenges Facing the 20-Something Generation | Media and Culture

Again with this!! Why is this the next big topic?? :-D

^^" Kind of happy right now. 1 part of the "identity" crisis is over for the most part, & all it took was an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker, a day of web-surfing, & a pile of waffle fries. (I love Bravo!!!) All is well in my world... [haha...yea right! ] Just thought I'd stop by and share.

This is what happens when I randomly get a week off from work, have my car towed, stop suppressing thoughts, & watch way too much TV. Now do you see why I stick with politics & social issues?? lol... I'm up for a trip to the bar, how about you? Not so much for drinking, but people-watching sounds like fun... I've spent way too much time alone at home.

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