Saturday, September 4, 2010

Boycott! Yay! What?

I'm running out of ways to keep my mother from making me take her to Target without having to tell her why I don't want to go. I'm very wary of boycotts to begin with, because more often than anyone else, it's the workers at the bottom who pay the most... but it really can be a very effective way to make a statement. In fact, the shareholders have already insisted that Target be more cautious about who they donate to, and have urged them to reconsider donating. HRC has also gotten involved. So I decided that, while I'm not actively involved in the boycott, I'd rather not shop there... Tom Emmer is truly a very unscrupulous, cruel person, and while I am quite aware that Target donated to a group supporting him because of the group's pro-corporate agenda, I'm really disappointed that they would choose to step on their employees and constituents in favor of typical capitalist bullshit. Disappointed, but not at all surprised. So if it keeps my money away from jerks like Emmer, and makes Target's corporate branch rethink their contributions and the effect they have on the community, then so be it, I guess I'm officially unofficially boycotting Target. Still. Even though I really really want Archer Farms fruit leather, & they're the only ones who sell it. Until this mess is somehow cleared up, I'll just have to go without... (I'm shocked though that I've managed to deal with the Discovery boycott for so long... I haven't watched any of the networks in over 170 days, and my withdrawal symptoms have almost completely gone away! :-D)

You know what, I think I had a point in here somewhere... I was reading through old posts I never published, and really, one of these days I'll get back to regular posts. I'm finally going back to work, after my schedule was botched for an entire week, and I couldn't contact a manager to change it. (And then I did, and it STILL wasn't changed.) I really just don't want to go through the pain that is looking for another job, but I seriously have to... This past week completely screwed me over, financially. Just when I thought it'd be stable.... So I guess I traded financial stability for peace of mind this week. Great, but I still need to pay my bills!!!

Right, a point... Um... Check out my Twitter account for updates and other cool things! Woo!

P.S. - Oh, and did I say OKC was the greatest thing I could've done for myself? I take that back, this new forum is AWESOME. Not sharing what it is, but it's very unlikely you'd be interested anyway... well, unless you're like me, that is. Ja, mata ashita!

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