Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Congrats!!! & Voting...?

Congrats to Storyteller Knight for winning the La Campanella Le Series Meillure Award for her superhero series Cat's Eye Private Investigators!!! Way to go!

So I went to vote in the primary election today - don't ask me why, it seemed like a fun idea at the time (and it was. I got to go for a walk, & it's a gorgeous day... The people there were really cool & funny, & clearly they hadn't seen many people from outside of that room today... I just hope that guy I saw in the car across the street from where the kid was playing by the school wasn't a kidnapper or a pedophile... He was creepy.) (Liked one candidate way more than the others, so figured I'd help out...) Update - Used so many words to say something so simple. To vote in today's primary, I had to declare an affiliation, so obviously I chose the lesser of 2 evils (especially considering the "tea party approved" Republican candidate who I cannot stand) and went with the Democrats-- well ok, the candidate I wanted to vote for was a Democrat up against people I don't particularly like. So I decided to help the guy out. The rules have changed a little bit, and this is my first ever primary election... "you do whatcha gotta do." So until I fill out the paperwork, I'm considered a Democrat by the state... Still an independent of course (going with the argument that registering to vote with them isn't the same as joining, as joining usually includes donations and such as well), but as there are more independents in NJ than Democrats (the next biggest group), a lot of people have to go through this process... What a waste of paper! We should be able to change it online or something, lol... Or do most people just not bother changing it, or voting in primaries? (I think it's the latter. I was "maybe number 17" for my ward & district... Granted I went when most people were at work, but it wasn't that early either...)  Either way, the paperwork to go back to being an "official" independent is on  my desktop ready to be printed whenever... I hope the person I voted for appreciates this! lol

Anyway, this is a mini-post, so back to the real world...

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