Monday, June 7, 2010

Breaking News - Oil Well Explosion in Hood County, Texas

Breaking news - a landlocked oil well & natural gas line in Texas just exploded, injuring 6 people. This morning, an oil well exploded in West Virginia, killing 7... and it's still on fire. (Had a very hard time finding news articles for these things. Literally happened like 10 minutes ago, saw it on CNN.)

UPDATE - At least 3 people have died...10 people are missing... :-(

Can we PLEASE start moving away from fossil fuels??? Fellow FB treehuggers and I supported and promoted a startup company called Water for Fuel that's been attempting to tackle America's energy issues by building hydrogen engine conversion kits. As you may have guessed, the $1000 kit is designed to replace a traditional gasoline engine with one that splits the atoms of common tap water into usable hydrogen energy, while only emitting oxygen (and presumably any minerals in the water?) No one should have to put their life at risk for oil. We have safer, cleaner alternatives... So please, let's end this before someone else gets hurt...

Our hearts go out to the families of these disasters...

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