Thursday, May 6, 2010

This is not a "Natural" Disaster!

Anyway, in other news, it would seem that BP/"Deepwater Horizon" really did think the "dome" was a good way to stop the oil spill/flow. Many of us really thought they were joking. I guess we'll see what happens... The other option being considered is chemical, so perhaps the "dome" will be a safer choice? Something needs to be done ASAP, and as much as I hate the idea of releasing tons of chemicals into the water... Would the situation be better or worse if they didn't? There isn't enough research to be sure either way, and if they wait any longer to do something, the crude oil will do even more damage to the flora and fauna of the coast... Ironically, BP was just about to be honored for their safety or something or other before all of this happened... Clearly, someone on the awards committee wasn't really paying attention to BP's safety standards - or obvious lack thereof.

As it says on my FB status -  
[cue gigantic oil spill in gulf of mexico] fox news anchors - "hey, look how much is down there! we should drill that!!!" [facepalm]

Seriously. Post gigantic spill that threatens to destroy what's looking to be the waters and shoreline of the entire Gulf Coast region (and now parts of the east coast), the "Drill, Baby, Drill" proponents (who were quiet up until now) and a certain blonde female Fox News anchor (though really, there are so many...) decide to open their mouths, again in favor of more offshore drilling. W. T. F. I posted a link a while back showing a Media Matters clip of some of their comments (refresh the page if you get an error message) and some of their research. Even those who experienced firsthand the catastrophe that was the Exxon-Valdez spill in Alaska in '89, including ex-half-governor Palin, have been among the voices promoting the need for more drilling. Some of them even claimed this was a "natural disaster!" There is nothing natural about oil spills of this magnitude. Yes, oil is natural, but the 1 million+ gallons currently floating around the Gulf of Mexico were never meant to be siphoned out of the earth's crust and poured into our vehicles-- though technically this could have been done without such a major debacle, had BP actually instated or followed proper safety protocol. Oh, and let's not forget the decades of deregulation started by Reagan & Bush Sr. (Still a horrible idea, though. What happened to our electric cars of the future???) Conservative Democrat Mary Landrieu, President Obama, and other Democrats have been among DBD voices at times as well, though at least in light of recent events, many of them have been at least willing to reconsider, thank Skinner-- including Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California. And apparently, there is evidence floating about that BP was involved in the Exxon-Valdez spill as well -- but their decades of greenwashing have kept details of their horrific mistakes hidden under the seabed. Yay. (And no, I don't actually think this was some sort of conspiracy. BP has a long history of ignoring safety protocol and rules in favor of profits. Big surprise there. Because OSHA is a waste of time and totally doesn't matter, and employees are just workers, not human beings...)

There is nothing safe about oil drilling, whether on land or in our once-beautiful oceans. We absolutely need to move towards cleaner, safer, more Earth- and Ocean-friendly energy options. Though given the choice between land and sea, land would have to win. It's easier to control a disaster inland than it is when the ocean is involved... (Part of what annoys me so much about the term "green" is that it focuses so much on Earth in terms of plants and conservation, but doesn't compensate for the fact that 3/4 of the Earth is water! We're the Blue Planet. The ocean is the source of all life, and it's what keeps us alive on the land. The oceans determine weather patterns, food, etc. We need to protect our waters and all creatures in it!) 

Apparently I'm finally having some influence on my family - my mother bought our first solar lights, like these. We have CFL bulbs (as much as my mother and I despise them...), healthier, more natural food, my little garden in the back (now full of sweet, delicious strawberries!), etc. These are things every family can do, with very little cost but many long-term savings. It's a small start, but every step counts! See my (ugh...) Twitter feed for other ways you can help the cause.

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