Wednesday, May 5, 2010


[Why does everyone automatically assume that if you're an independent you must be a moderate who generally sides with conservatives? All independent means is that you are independent of the party system, specifically R or D. It's not a political position on it's own, and it certainly does not put us in the middle but on the side, or outside, or however you see it, but on equal footing as a party member. (And yes, there is an official Independent party, however I really don't think that's the same as being an independent unless you are specifically referring to R/D parties... If you belong to a specific party, it defies logic to call yourself an independent.)]

Now that all of that's out of the way-- Work is exhausting (as it is quite physically demanding, for hours at a time with few breaks), so I just haven't had the energy to write/post anything new. So this will be relatively random. Like this- Today I realized that while I described my schedule as "waking up at an ungodly hour," there's a strange sort of irony in that. I'm an atheist. Every hour is an ungodly hour! Words are so very strange...

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