Friday, May 7, 2010

Do I look illegal to you??? Show me YOUR papers!!!

Ok, clearly if you've been keeping up with me (anywhere but here) you'd know that the 2 biggest topics on my mind right now (outside of garden & work) are Arizona & drilling. I attempted to tackle drilling before, so now for Arizona...

Just checked a FB group I'm in, called 1 MILLION Strong AGAINST the Arizona Immigration Law SB1070, and it looks like we're getting closer to 2 MILLION! (Only 1 or 2 trolls so far...) Such a great show of solidarity against horrible legislation... Now, I know that Governor Brewer tried to allay some of our fears about the very high likelihood that this law will promote racial profiling, but rest assured, we know better. But aside from that... I'm also quite concerned with the social implications of this law as it applies to those proven to be citizens. We've seen that, during the first weekend after the law was passed, 30 people were let go after being arrested on the street. At least one was randomly pulled over with no excuse. When those 30 people return to their lives, how will things be the same? Even though they were able to prove that they were legal citizens, by whatever standards, how long until they are questioned by their neighbors? I think it's likely they will always be looked upon as suspicious, and others will constantly looking for proof of their status-- whether it be proof that they really are citizens (which will probably be mastery of English, American flag t-shirts, a cowboy hat, and a crappy Texas accent... ^^") , or proof they they are illegal immigrants, which could be anything thanks to the paranoid masses of the south and midwest. Will they later be deported anyway? Is it possible that people will just be rounded up in the streets and interrogated? Yes, it's completely possible if only for this reason - why not? If it gets rid of dangerous criminals, anything goes. At least, that's what they're trying to tell us. I don't buy it. Not to mention that it's a complete waste of time for police officers, who will undoubtedly be spending more time rounding up people to interrogate rather than focusing on worse criminals...

First of all, the vast majority of "illegals" are not dangerous at all. Most are not here for trafficking but for honest work. Yes, those who are selling drugs or people across the borders or across the ocean should be stopped. (Though if we legalize and regulate drugs, we wouldn't have such a problem! Prohibition is the the greatest factor that lead to organized crime!) But in a way, it seems like everyone is really just being punished for existing... Emma Lazarus must be rolling in her grave. :-(

Though really, when you have liberals AND conservatives pissed off for the exact same reasons, you know you fucked up. I found (and lost) a video the other day from a random conservative group. The video was about a hispanic truck driver, an American citizen, who was randomly singled out, pulled over, and immediately arrested because he didn't have his birth certificate on him (even though he had his driver's license and social security card, etc.). His sister had to bring the certificate to him in jail. And she brought hers with her just in case... The second part of the video is the camera guy interviewing a local lawmaker of some sort, pointing out that out of the 105 people arrested since, 30 of them were legal citizens; that the law allows anyone on the street to be arrested for no reason; The camera crew also pointed out that the lawmaker and his friends had no idea what's in the bill, as he kept insisting that the supreme court says it's ok to arrest anyone for whatever reason (which contradicts and completely violates the 4th amendment, which is partially why some conservatives are pissed off), and denied that it will be profiling, etc. Clearly, we're not all on the same page here. I only read the official summary released by the Arizona state government, and skimmed the full bill, and could tell it was going to be a horrible idea. (Here's the full thing.) And while the amendments are "supposed" to stop profiling, who's to say they actually will? Immigrants can look like anyone, but they're targeting Mexican immigrants (who, yes, are in fact the majority in that part of the country...), therefore Hispanic people are far more likely to be targeted for arrest because they'll "look Mexican." How is that not racial profiling? The new amendments require there to be at least 1 other unnamed reason other than race/ethnicity. But clearly, race is still a HUGE factor. So again, how is this not racial profiling? Not to mention a huge waste of taxpayer money, police officers' time and energy, and a potential destroyer of the social And why do Republicans think they're going to get any votes from Hispanic people or Latinos, or really any ethnic minority after this bullshit? Cuz I'm totally missing that part too.

I could go on to explain my suggestions for immigration reform, but that would take too long right now, so maybe I'll save that for another post. I will say that I do believe in comprehensive immigration reform. I do think that these people should be allowed to be legal citizens, and that there should be a way to facilitate the naturalization process without excessive penalization.A co-worker recently told me that she was finally allowed to become a citizen, after a long process that required her to live here for 5 years. (I found more details here.) I don't mind the national ID card (as it would probably just end up being the passport card all over again anyway -- you know, our passports have a little card version? Costs like an extra $45 or something...) as long as we keep out biometrics... That's just a little too creepy for my tastes, a little too Minority Report (which was a great movie way back when...).

As for me, the daughter of a legal immigrant from South America, I will be boycotting Arizona (lol like I buy anything from there anyway, or would ever visit... I don't like deserts). I was told the other day that I apparently look Dominican (???), so it's probably better that I stay away from crazy, paranoid people for a while... It's hard enough dealing with NJ tea partiers and Chris Christie -_-". (Though on a good note, I'm getting to know my senators, and I'm really liking what I'm hearing so far... I never paid attention to state things much. Trying to break free from the whole NJ bubble...)

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