Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Thinking...

I'm reading through my blog right now, just thinking about things. Other than a few obvious grammar errors I somehow missed, I kind of like rereading what I wrote. It's like seeing yourself in another light, if only for a moment (though I do have to say, that's one of my few real skills. I can look at things objectively, including my own thoughts and actions... ^^" See, I was made to be a psychologist...) Though I guess it's quite obvious that I've gotten lazy lately. Work really is exhausting, but some miraculous accident, I don't have a schedule for this week (I'll call about it if nothing changes by tomorrow... I deserve today off for the last few days though!) so I get to play catch-up with life. Things have been quiet on the healthcare front, as well as that stupid FB group advocating the death of Obama... even Arizona talk has died down (though I have something new to add to that later, maybe tomorrow...)

A co-worker yesterday said something rather surprising. Now first, let me say that the place I work for has a longstanding reputation as a "family company," plays country music almost nonstop, and is covered in "American" things & memorabilia. Most of the employees I work with are avid NASCAR fans (I kid you not...) with many grand-kids, terrible grammar, and no college diplomas. (Talk about stereotypes... -_-" This place is pretty bad about that too. They not only stick to them, but promote them. Very sexist, often racist... Sad. I'm looking to move soon...) Anyway, my co-workers and I have very, very little in common, including age and politics. I also recently began working with another group (of mostly immigrants) within the company. When I met them, apparently it was assumed that I was a Spanish-speaking Dominican woman. (How they reached that conclusion, I don't have a clue. I'm not Dominican, or Hispanic, & I don't speak a word of Spanish either... People are actually closer when they assume I'm African-American than Hispanic.) Clearly, there is some sort of hierarchy and serious racial tension here (despite the fact that the highest-ranking manager is Hispanic, and there really is a lot of diversity overall. It just seems like sometimes certain departments are grouped by ethnicity...). Anyway, back to the co-worker from Group A (the NASCAR-loving grannies, and also from group Smug). While working, we run into Group B (Spanish-speaking cleaning people... Again, way to be stereotypical, Unnamed Company.). Co-Worker sees Group B workers, hears them speaking Spanish with each other as they begin to walk away, and says "We're in America, we speak English. They should go back to their own country..." in a nasty tone. Clearly she must have seen the expression on my face, because she suddenly stopped mid sneer, covered her mouth and went back to work.

What is it with the anti-immigrant sentiment in this country? Like somehow those who move here are lesser people, or less-than American, because we were born here (and speak a language that isn't even native, but we pretend it's better that every other language). Isn't that what America truly means? A nation of immigrants, working hard for a happy, fruitful life of peace and prosperity.

And on another note - we finally have an official nomination for the Supreme Court... Congratulations to the nominee, Elena Kagan... She has a decent chance of making it past the GOP without a filibuster (because she appears to be fairly conservative enough, which I'm thinking in this case will be a really bad thing...), and she's certainly well educated and acquainted with law. Personally, I think there was a much better option for a myriad of reasons, instead of the safe, moderate (and quite inexperienced) choice, especially to replace Justice Stevens; but nonetheless, congratulations Ms. Kagan.

(It would seem that Bold Progressive is now "following" me on Twitter. Normally, I wouldn't care, but somehow they found me, so... This either means I'm seen as a Progressive, or I sent a "tweet"  about one of their petitions & totally forgot about it... Though considering my own list includes TrueMajority, Maddow, Olbermann, Greenpeace, & Bill Maher... ^^" Not a hard conclusion to come to I suppose.)

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