Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Updates, as promised.

Like I said, all I had to do was get a job, and everything else would fall into place. I know hold in my hands (well, put down while typing) the keys to my very own car-- my first. Granted, it's about as old as my youngest sister and lacks even a cassette player, but it runs great and will be getting a few changes to reduce emissions, and a paint job eventually. (The interior smells like island coconut, so I might need to deal with that too... Nice & beachy, but I hate pina coladas...) Can't drive it yet  (no license plate or insurance) but once that's taken care of this weekend...

One of the main reasons I could so easily identify with Captain Jack Sparrow was his thirst for freedom... To him, a ship = freedom. And like a true pirate, now that I have my ship, I'm finally free to explore the world ^^" (walking takes too long, and my bike seriously needs a new seat... ouch...). Today was a very lucky day indeed. (I literally saw the car for the first time walking home today from work, & it's a miracle that it fit within our price range AND mileage limit, and was being sold at KBB value. That was a tiny little margin... but now it's mine! Even if it is an American car, with a faded "proud to be an American" flag on the side, bought from a rather cute but smoking guy with a huge pitbull and a pickup truck...  My idiot dad saw said things after I mentioned the damn flag sticker (& how I wanted to replace it with an Obama/Nader sticker or socialist sign for the hell of it, lol...) & suggested they could be tea partiers... Quite an unnecessary, stereotypical comment... But they were very nice, honest people, so really, who cares? I can go places whenever I want to!) Ok, back to politics!

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