Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ok, so maybe it's not so bad...

I suppose I should look at these changes not as a complete sellout (which it certainly feels like) but as an example of my willingness to keep an open mind... I have to say, as annoying as I find it, it's been the easiest way to share and update things, and I figured out how to make the Facebook hacks actually work- which would have been close to impossible without twitter. So I suppose it does have some merits. My account is private, so what you see on the side is all there is for the most part. Now to figure out how to get care2 and updates here as well, and we're in business!

In other news, life is looking up. Been working (!!!) for the past 2 weeks,and tomorrow, Earth day, I will be turning my myriad of veggie plants into a proper garden. Still car shopping and debating grad school and moving out, but so far... Eh. Anyway, enough about me! There's so much going on in the world... Will be back later to update, as I have to go work now!

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