Friday, January 20, 2012

Migraines and Blathering and #OP-omg learn to read you brats

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I was supposed to blog about SOPA and PIPA, but I have a serious migraine, it's 2 am, and dealing with panicky people on Tumblr hasn't been helping. So I've written about 6 rants on the situation, posted 1 as private, posted another publicly, and deleted the others. When I have worried kids coming to me and asking if they're going for prison for accidentally clicking on something that isn't even related to the issue at hand, because everyone else is spreading around the wrong information... >_< and they know it's the wrong information! It says so right there in the article they're spreading around!!! Does no one read? Quit jumping on the bandwagon and pay attention to details. Fucking tumblr tweens... yes we blame everything on the youngest users. It's just easier that way. I give up, they're on their own. Let them panic themselves into hernias. I tried, and all I got for it was this fucking migraine.

For all of the people panicking about - no one knows what that is, but look at the source code. AnonOps says they don't actually know what it is. I believe them. It's what I had said before I saw their confirmation. Again, look at the source code. It's bland as hell, and it looks nothing like LOIC. (If you want to know what it looks like, google the pastebin link.) THAT is NOT what you're saying will put you in prison. THAT is something else entirely. READ DAMMIT.

That said - seriously? You clicked on a random link without knowing where it goes? BAD. BAD NETIZEN. I AM REVOKING YOUR INTERNET PRIVILEGES. No really though, don't do that. That is a rookie mistake for the "technologically challenged," not netizens and millenials, ok? We're supposed to know this shit already. And now you know. Also lol evil? Gawker, you baffle me. You know as well as I do that it's nothing new. All of this anti-Anon propa. Fuck... Not what they need right now. This is a time to rally after the blackout and keep the momentum going. Granted, DDOSing probably wasn't the best choice of action, but it's getting attention... so... that's good... maybe.

Something about this war that's brewing makes me so proud... even if I'm mostly just watching from the sidelines and blogging about it. And even if it makes me realize just how different I am from the rest of my friends... "We want the same thing!" My friend, I'm sorry, but we do not. You made that very clear.

I'm going to go throw up now and try to sleep off this migraine so I don't die at work tomorrow.

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