Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Captain's Log-- January 9, 2012

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It's starting to annoy me that I don't have a place where I can just vent anymore without pissing someone off or starting a conversation I really don't want. But whatever. I'm pissed now, and kind of hurt, and I just... I hate it when I want to talk about something and I can't. Almost as much as I hate it when I don't want to talk about something and everyone keeps asking about it. Why can't there be a button that let's people know what's ok for conversation and what's off limits?

And how not to be a fucking douchebag when talking about shit you don't understand. Oh my fucking god I mean really. Really. Can I just. I have had enough of these stupid little children telling others to go kill themselves (in excruciating detail) because of a FUCKING FICTIONAL RELATIONSHIP. The dark side of fandom is that it's full of stupid, stupid fail.

Yeah, I don't have anything of particular importance to say tonight. GOP Debate bingo/drinking game was kind of fun Saturday, and I did sort of liveblog, but Chrome wouldn't let me open Blogger so I never made it here. In other news, I dislike pretty much all of the 2012 presidential candidates, and no, I'm not buying the "lesser of two evils" argument. It's pretty much bullshit anyway. Something I decided back in August I believe. I dunno, go ask Patrick and Harmony, they know, maybe. Harmony's voting socialist. I might. I dunno. I'm tired of fucking around-- I want a strong progressive, socialist-leaning leader, not some weak Republican-lite. Democrats are not left, they're center right. And that's not good enough for me anymore. Fuck it all. I think I'm just in a phase where I hate everyone and everything. And I mean that. I'll be the one sitting in the back with popcorn watching as the world goes to hell. It deserves it. Yay resensitization. I kind of liked not realizing all that's wrong with the world. I think maybe escapism really is the only way to experience true, lasting happiness. I don't want to belong to this world. I really, really don't. There's so much beauty in it. That is true. (What else would we escape to, if not for something worthwhile?) But overall, society is just pretty fucking shitty.

Fuck I miss you <3

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