Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthday Countdowns and GOP Idiots on TV.

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10 minutes til my 23rd birthday and I'm sitting here listening to Michele Bachmann prattle on about the evils of Gardasil. You know what, just for this I'd go get the damn shot. (I'm adamantly against it. For myself. If you want it, whatever, but there's no fucking way I'm getting that shot, and there's not a single thing anyone can do to make me [blows raspberry]...  And no, the entire scientific and medical community is not supporting it, Stephen. Still, Bachmann is an idiot. And like she really gives a shit about letting girls have choices...)

ANYWAY. Usually I do a personal post recapping my year and how I've changed, or some shit like that, but as the post I typed up was lost in a random BSOD (because I was also doing something I shouldn't have been doing...), it'll have to wait til I get home from work tomorrow.

Oh hey, new Michael Moore book... Hmm... Watching the Colbert Report for the first time in what feels like a decade. Oh, how I've missed this show... I'm slowly getting back to the real world, back to politics and activism. I'm working on a big post still, doing some research for it and such. LGBT+ things. I'm sure I've mentioned this already... Anyway, I want to finish cleaning off my bed and I only have 5 minutes left, so...

Yeah. Happy 23rd Birthday, Me. :-P

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