Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Updates, Life, and What I've Been Up To

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So I'm having issues with Blogger actually posting what I write... Last night I typed up this whole long thing and it came up blank when I posted. Fucking hell... I think Blogger hates Chrome, so I'm back in Firefox for the moment... Odds of this getting through? Let's find out.

Anyway! Updates because it's been forever! I have a new job. I'm out of retail. I sit in an office for 8 hours a day, minus a lunch break. I work for a school, and that's as much detail as you're getting out of me.
I survived Hurricane Irene. It was... Well, it was (thankfully) not as bad as we expected, and not as bad as we had been prepared for. Please excuse my use of a preposition at the end of the last sentence.

I haven't a clue what went down in London after the weekend of riots... I haven't heard a single thing since. Well, a few things, but nothing particularly worth mentioning. It also might help if I take my head of out the Potterverse long enough to pay attention to the rest of the world, but I'm not really willing to do that, so... Good times. (Besides, YOU try being utterly smitten with a fictional character. It takes up a lot of brain power to live with that kind of delusion every day. Trust me. [creys].)

You may have noticed my Tumblr links are down. No, I didn't delete, but I had to change my name because my bitch sister is a bitch. If you want or need to find me, you'll know where to look. And if not, come find me on Twitter and we'll talk. (Just, if you're going to message me on AIM, please for the love of all that is noodley and covered in cheese email me first or leave a comment here so I know you're not just some random creeper? Thank you.)

How's this for useless information, eh? Anyway, just thought I'd let you know what I'm up to and why I've been so quiet lately... I'm back to (sort of) caring what goes on in the world, if only because my new job forces me to have some sort of human interaction on a daily basis (and you can expect MANY rants about the state of education and socialization and gender/body image/etc.). So I'll be around more often now... Especially for these last half hours at work where I can type and read and multitask because what I'm doing requires less of my attention...

Right. So. I'll see you all later ;)

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