Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Back! Sort of.

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Sorry it's been 21 (22?) days... Ok, finally catching up on current events. Wow. Things have been kind of crazy, and I'm not even talking about the US. (Check my Shared News for the latest. Still working on updating that, but it's all new.)

Anyway I have some things to do today, but expect a few posts this week. I promise. (And I promise that if any of them are Glee related, it will only be 1 itty bitty post about LGBT issues and the writers' claim of being all-inclusive. And maybe one more about psychological disorders and treatments... Because I'm still pissed off about their idea of inclusiveness, and the actual episode just aired. And I'm a bit wary about posting things like that on Tumblr... But also don't want my bi-blog taking over this one too, or making this yet another Glee thing. That's what Tumblr is for, even though my blog there has kind of gone off the deep end...

Anyway, it's midnight and I'm waiting on my granola to finish toasting, but I just wanted to say hi, I'm still alive, there's still a ton going on right now (some of it I can't talk about but I would LOVE to get some opinions...). So, loves, I present to you a few mini-rants, since there have been so few lately:

I really love how some people are just so fucking judgmental about things they don't even know. It just boggles my mind how someone can rant about acceptance and openmindedness one second and then go and bash something incessantly without ever once giving it a chance. (Even the things I hate I'll complain about at first but I'll still at least try. Twilight, Tangled - though I'm convinced that if I try that again in a better mood I might like it. Fat chance, but I just really WANT to like it-- pistachios and chocolate chips... actually really good. Max Adler knows his shit -- like he NEEDS to be any more awesome than he is...) It's like, ok, you're totally entitled to your opinions, but can you please at least LEARN about what you're bashing before you keep spewing the same misinformed bullshit about people who like it. It's ok to criticize a theory, or a show, or a book, or something that presents ideas. It is NOT ok to mindlessly bash the fans. And it is kind of fucking irritating when you tag that shit with our tags, ok? (For example-  If you hate Glee even though you've never seen a single episode, and you're bashing what someone has told you it represented a psychological disorder without ever actually seeing it for yourself or considering for yourself what was being discussed, do us all a favor and don't tag that shit. "This is why I refuse to watch Glee." Ok then. No one's making you watch it. But there are two sides to everything, and sadly, the side you're seeing is actually pretty inaccurate. You're seeing someone's biased assumptions of what must have happened, not an analysis of what actually happened. So take it from someone who's actually seen the episode and can look at it objectively before you jump on the "omg it sux so much all glee fans are fucking retarded how can they watch that shit they have no brainz" bandwagon. Gah. What the fuck ever. It doesn't make you intelligent. It does make you a closed-minded jackass. And the word "retarded" is fucking offensive, jackass.) If I've ever been like that, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I could have ever been so rude and closed-minded.

AND FOR FUCK'S SAKE - Stop calling  us delusional because we don't agree with your own personal opinions and interpretations of a something. Christ... (On a related note, it seems bisexual erasure is just... running rampant through certain corners of the Glee fandom. Not just the writers. But I think Brittany might actually STAY BI. I wanted to cry. She said bi-curious. [shrug] Whatever, works for me. Compared to everything else, I'll take it. It's a start. But re: the other character - ugh. Some of his fans drive me insane. Some. Most are cool, but there are like 3 people in particular who just make me want to scream...)

And Rachel Maddow - I love you but what the fuck? If guys like Anderson Cooper don't want to come out (again?), they are under no obligation to do so. In fact, NO ONE has a "responsibility" to others to come out as anything. My sexual preferences are MY business and mine alone. I share with who I want, when I want. I'm open about it online because of activism and bi-visibility, but again, my choice to be open about it. Coming out is a personal decision, and no one should be required to share. And I'm seriously appalled that so many people find it a requirement, especially for celebrities. It should be their choice, not yours.

Other things that pissed me off today/yesterday... I may be a pretentious bitch when I'm here, but apparently other pretentious people just drive me up a wall. No, we can't just be pretentious together, you have to look down on me... 3 different people. [sigh]

So, there you have it. I'll be back for sure later on. I think this episode of Glee finally snapped me out of my funk, now that my bb Davey is finally getting his redemption. (I just fucking love him ok?) HE APOLOGIZED! Granted it was kind of meh, but IT'S A START!!! And he and Kurt are kind of starting over in a way. It's beautiful. I'm crying right now. Fanon became canon and it was fucking beautiful. (I'm convinced that RIB have been stealing our ideas. If so, I can direct them to quite a few they should really look into...) Blah... (I am way too attached to Dave. I find his life far more interesting than my own. I hate my life. I love him.) Anyway, yeah... I've been generally browsing current events, and while I still have no interest whatsoever in certain topics, I think I can handle a few very general posts. Maybe more on the society and psychosocial side of things than current events, but I'll be around. I miss blogging here. When I'm not thinking about Tumblr. My addictions have no boundaries, I'm crying out for more - oh wait that's a song... Yeah ok it's bedtime, I have work in a few hours and I'm still here typing away because I just missed it so much. It's kind of scary, Tumblr... Everything goes by so fast that you're sucked in trying to keep up. It's awesome, and I love hanging out with my new friends. But nothing beats having my own "private" space to do whatever the fuck I want... No reblogs, no follower count competitions, no incessant need to like everything I read. NO SHIP WARS. Geeze, and I used to like friendly ship wars way back when... Some fandoms are just cray-cray.

ANYWAY. Right. Going to watch an episode or two of Whose Line (instead of rewatching Glee, because I'll never sleep then) and going to bed. See you soon! :)

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