Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Glee &... #biphobia? Not tonight!! Part 3 - Brittana WIN

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(p.s - to make GIFs stop moving, just hit ESC...) another post-Glee sleepy recap/review/commentary thing

UPDATE: THIS is why last night was so amazing. Short version.

Taking advantage of the fact that I somehow have internet again. So, tonight's episode of Glee (2x15 Sexy) featured Brittana - Brittany & Santana. It was AMAZING. Honestly. Naya's performance in this episode was just incredible. I think she's now my favorite actress ever. Sorry, E.Page... They got it right this time...

Not only amazing, but it was believable. And personally, it really hit home. I felt it. I understood it. Maybe too well... It was REAL EMOTIONAL CONFLICT. Not the usual "oh, I need to get with him to be popular, but oops we cheated on each other" crap. And it actually done WELL, especially when compared to how the Blaine thing was handled. (But ugh. That is still a disaster to me right now. I'll get to that later though...) I'm still downloading the episode, so no screencaps or perfect transcript or anything, but here's what happened: Santana asks Brittany if she wants to hang out, watch Sweet Valley High, and cuddle. (I know, I almost died right then and there. <3 SVH) Brittany tells her that their relationship is really confusing, and wants to talk about feelings. Santana, a little freaked out, brushes it off... but eventually agrees to meet with the new sex ed teacher. The three of them sit down to talk and...
  1. Teacher Holly asks if they think they might be lesbians. This by itself is HUGE, because it's the first time ever on Glee that they're acknowledging that lesbians exist.
  2. Santana admits that she's attracted to men AND women (and mannequins and hedges, apparently, but I dunno. But perhaps she's pansexual? She said something about how gender doesn't matter...)
  3. Holly tells Santana what I think is likely one of the most amazing lines in the entire fucking episode, and something I believe so, so strongly in -“It’s not about who you’re attracted to. It’s about who you fall in love with.”
  4. BURT -FATHER OF THE DECADE. Kurt's father has The Talk with him, but focuses on the emotional aspects of sex. (I listened to it from under my blanket. Secondhand embarrassment hurts like hell.) And I know just saying that doesn't really give you an idea of how incredibly amazing this scene was, but when you see it...
  5. Later, after a tearful rendition of Landslide, Santana tells Brittany that she loves her and wants to be with her; but she's also scared of how everyone around her will react. She was acting out, and acting mean, because she's angry and scared and lonely (like another certain someone who's dealing with a similar situation...) She doesn't want to be labeled -- she doesn't want people talking about her behind her back. But she wants to be with Brittany...
    What I’ve realized is why I’m such a bitch all the time. I’m a bitch because I’m angry. I’m angry because I have all these feelings…Feelings for you, that I’m afraid of dealing with, because I’m afraid of dealing with the consequences […] I want to be with you. But I’m afraid of the talks and the looks. I mean, you know what happened to Kurt at this school […] I’m so afraid of what everyone will say behind my back. But still, I have to accept…that I love you. I love you, and I don’t want to be with Sam, or Finn, or any of those other guys. I just want you. Please say you love me back. Please.

    But they're both in relationships. (Which leads to an AWESOME moment between their boyfriends, when Same whispers to Artie that he wishes the two of them had a relationship like Brittany and Santana... Little do they know... [giggles] )
    Yes, yes we all do... And while Santana doesn't care about her boyfriend Sam (long story, but they were just using each other anyway), Brittany doesn't want to hurt Artie, and tells Santana that if she and Artie ever break up, and if Santana is still single, they can be together. (Disheartening to fans, but understandable... and commendable. Even if this whole time they've both been cheating on their BFs anyway... Not like that's anything new, with them or on this show. Everyone's cheated on everyone else. [sigh]
<3 She'll get her girl... (I generally like Artie, but he can be a sexist jackass sometimes. Ok, often. But I love Naya/Santana, so...yea)

"Who would have ever thought that being fluid could mean you could be so stuck?"
-- Santana

Fluidity! FLUIDITY. OMG talk about a groundbreaking episode!

And if you STILL need proof that this is HUGE- how many times have you seen a plot on a primetime show where 2 female characters were genuinely in love with each other, not because it's hot or for the ratings or controversy, but because it's NATURAL for them and their relationship? Remember that bi stereotpye? It's ok because girl-on-girl is super hot? NOT THE CASE HERE. And that to me is amazing.

I'm still riding the Glee high, but honestly, the Brittana and Burt/Kurt father/son moments were the absolute best moments we've had in a while (other than anything Karofsky. Which I'm dying for, RM...) Glee finally showed women in a positive light. Glee finally showed non-hetero women. And took it seriously. And there will be more to come. This isn't some "oh, well maybe I like them?? Does it exist?!" bullshit stunt like they pulled the last time. Brittana has always been on. But speaking of last time... Blaine also had several lines about how he is "totally gay." No questions about it. Ok, whatever, but what about the fight and what Kurt said??? That is as much of a "resolution" to the last bi episode as we are going to get. And that pisses me off. Kurt's still acting like a pissy bastard, and Blaine's basically forgotten that whole debacle and the fight and we're still left with "bi men don't exist." Ugh. FAIL.

(oh hey, my download finally finished... I'll add clips tomorrow when I get to the library then.)

This was a highly story-driven episode, full of all sorts of character development and OMG ACTUAL PLOT AND POTENTIAL FOR/PROMISE OF CONTINUITY (which, if you haven't noticed, is a really big thing) and I think it might actually be one of the most successful storylines of the season. It was serious. The espisode wasn't really "good" (in fact, most of it really sucked...), and it completely lacked the typical subtleties the show is known for amongst fans, but it was powerful and moving in ways I was not expecting. But we're finally starting to see character development that ties into the larger story arc, and we're FINALLY getting some continuity and depth again. And I am SO excited to see more of Brittana in the future-- as well as how this plays out with the Karofsky situation. There were so many parallels to that tonight-- between Santana & Dave Karofsky's confusion/crush thing, and Lauren's "I have the urge to punch you" that instead surprised us with a kiss... and the possibility that Kurt is freaked out about sex because of the (traumatic?) kiss with Dave... ??? I don't know how likely that is, or if the writers are even that insightful, but I think this all just ties into Kurt's frustrated and vulnerable theme... I dunno. All I know is that this is all somehow related and will be culmanating in a huge episode in a few weeks and it will be awesome. Or it will suck because Glee often fucks things up and it's Lady Gaga (whom I already can't stand...) Either way, I will go to bed happy tonight, with Landslide on repeat. <3

By the way, if you weren't aware, today is International Women's Day. So be nice, because we're fucking awesome and you should know it. (But all other sexes/gender expressions are fucking awesome too. I heart people. And hate people, but that's another story.)


Michele said...

I have to say that I totally agree with you about how groundbreaking this particular episode of Glee was. And for the first time in quite some time I do not feel so alone about my feelings and confusion regarding my sexuality.

Note: I also went to bed listening to the song "Landslide". It was beautifully done and so perfect for the situation.

Awesome post, btw.

D.A.K. said...

Hi Michele! Thank you!! This is just for you: Click Here