Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's Happening in #Egypt? Days 9-10 | #Jan25 #Feb1

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I didn't end up finishing yesterday's updates for various personal reasons. But here's what we missed:

Wednesday, Feb 2
  • Violence escalated in Alexandria and in Cairo's Tahrir Square as pro-Mubarak hired(!) thugs attacked protesters gathered. As heard on Al Jazeera's broadcast, entrances to Tahrir were barricaded (by the army) as the men attempted to protect the women and children in the center. Hundreds were injured in a stampede towards the exits. Protesters from both sides threw stones at each other, though pro-Mubarak forces, including police officers, also reportedly had knives, tear gas, assault weapons, clubs, horses, camels, and tanks. Thousands were injured, and at least 20 people were killed in the clashes that evening.
  • ID cards captured from the pro-Mubarak crowds show that they are actually police officers in plain clothes. There have also been rumors that they were all paid roughly $17 to fight for Mubarak's regime and quash the rebellion.
  • Meanwhile, the Egyptian army has stood by and watched...
  • Doctors in the square have been setting up makeshift clinics. If you are able to get supplies to them, please do so! Water, blankets, bandages, anything.
  • The internet is back up and running, but is still somewhat blocked and slow. Keep running relays and bridges!
  • Protesters refuse to back down, but it also seems that they have been somewhat successful in holding back pro-Mubarak demonstrators from gaining any control of Tahrir Square.
  • The Egyptian army has been making arrests. Also, any suspected undercover police officers are being handed over in citizens' arrests throughout Tahrir Square.
Thursday, Feb 3
  • Protests have begun in Yemen. Find this on Twitter using #Feb3
    • Earlier this week, President Saleh (who has been in office for 32 years), has also vowed not to run again, along with his son. However, this means he plans on staying in office until 2013.
  • Protests have also been planned in Sudan (#Jan30), Algeria (#Feb13), Syria (#Feb5), and Bahrain (#Feb14). For more information, you can also check out hashtags #OpEgypt, #OpTunisia, #Feb1 and of course, #Jan25 and #Egypt.
  • Journalists in Egypt, including Anderson Cooper, have been constantly attacked over the past few days. Cooper and his crew were attacked a second time this morning. Many reporters are being detained.
  • A government car in Egypt mowed down over 20 people today... Watch at your own discretion.
  • Apparently, the US is contemplating exchanging Mubarak for Egypt's new Vice President, Omar Suleiman. Not a good sign...
    • But Suleiman himself has spoken out about reform in Egypt on State TV today. He claimed that reforms are "on their way," blamed foreign countries for meddling in their affairs, and announced that violent protesters (both pro- and anti- Mubarak) will be brought to justice. Because the protesters were the ones hurting Egypt, he believes.
  • via the Huffington Post, this just in - Christine Amanpour has gotten an exclusive interview with Hosni Mubarak. Footage to come soon.
  • 4:45pm - Mubarak's interview with Amanpour -  "If I resign today, there will be chaos."  So is he delusional, ignorant, or what? Look outside. Look at what your police are doing. Egypt will be better off without you. Just go.
  • 5:02pm - Al Jazeera reports that things have finally been calming down. If you are having trouble watching the live stream on their site (as it has been down for most of the US today), check out the feed on their Youtube channel.
  • Egypt's Torture Victims Describe Beatings, Electroshock, Rape Threats 
  • Journalists in Egypt are still being attacked, detained, arrested.

And it just occurred to me that I wrote this entire thing with Daria's voice in my head... I should stop playing it while I sleep.

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