Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can I do this without getting sick? Maybe? #DearJohn, #trafficking, and the Super Bowl

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Storyteller Knight, it would seem that our Republican state reps are competing with each other over who can destroy women's rights faster. Yours introduced a bill that would strip away equal pay. Mine is the lead sponsor of the latest anti-abortion bill. I think NJ "wins" :-(

Ok, seeing as I am FINALLY in a better mood (my car is fixed! And my mother is officially declaring war on my abusive, deadbeat bastard father! Somehow this makes me happy. I don't know why. I think I'm just glad to have my car back... despite having to miss work because I couldn't get out of the driveway, as it had been blocked by fallen power lines...) I think I can attempt to tackle this HR3 bullshit without throwing up. Every time I hear about it, I want to. Oooh, and there's more. So yes, today we're talking about women's rights, abortion, and rape & sexual assault (which is not solely a women's issue. I wrote that 5000 word essay for a reason... But in this particular instance, I am focusing on women since bio men physically cannot have abortions...yet?).

So what is HR3? It's the GOP's way of prohibiting taxpayer funded abortions. Guess how? By redefining what constitutes as rape, and denying rape victims survivors the right to an abortion. Let me clarify - a bunch of men, and 2 women, want to A) tell women exactly what they can and can't do to their bodies, and B) redefine violent acts by (the congresspeople's) perceived level of violence.

(Ok, seeing as how that was written earlier in the week... The rape redefinition part has been taken out due to all of the backlash. And pro-choice NJ will be hanging our heads in shame of Rep. Chris Smith. Sponsored an anti-human trafficking bill, the nation's first ever, and now this. He went from helping rape victims survivors, to... I don't even know what this is anymore.)

I'll be compiling a bunch of petitions here for the time being (you may have seen some of these from Twitter). Next break I take from #Egypt (which will likely be Sunday), I'll be back to actually discuss this, and human trafficking (did you know that that Super Bowl is a magnet for child sex trafficking and prostitution? Now you do. So help us fight it, and protect and defend children during the Super Bowl.), and about what it really means to be pro-life. Hint: all of these war-mongering, guns-in-schools-loving, anti-abortion peeps? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say ultimately not pro-life. Details to follow.

ACLU - Tell your representative: "Don't play politics with women's health."
via - Stop Anti-Women Groups from Shaping Reproductive Health Policy - Redefining Rape?
Credo Action - Stop the radical rightwing's assault on choice

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Storyteller Knight said...

You do win. Because the Equal Pay thing is just the state legislature, so that would only affect MN. HR3 hits the whole of the US. Plus, Dayton will veto it. That's a duh. I'm not so sure Obama would veto this bill. I'd like to believe he would, but he's not inspiring confidence as of late. So, right now my only hope for stoping HR3 is Harry Reid not allowing it to hit the Senate.

I think the thing about HR3 that really angers me right now (besides the hypocrisy of 'every life counts' and the fact that we're wasting time on this and not focusing on jobs) is that small businesses lose their tax breaks if they provide coverage to their employees that provides for abortion. And that lessens the likelihood of insurance companies covering it if small businesses won't buy from them if they do. How horrible is that? Bleh.