Friday, January 7, 2011

Army Declares Atheists Spiritually Unfit

Army Declares Atheists Spiritually Unfit, Part 2 : Dispatches from the Culture Wars:

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So 2 things: Bill O'Reilly doesn't understand how tides work. How the fucking hell did he get past 3rd grade science??? lol... (Though I'm sure he and President Obama will have plenty of time to discuss these things during their Superbowl interview...) And 2 of the "strict constitutionalist" Tea Party members violated the Constitution today by voting, after skipping the swearing in ceremony. Oh, and surprise, surprise - TPers skipped the parts of the Constitution that they didn't like. Good times, hypocrites! Good times... Seriously, it's been what, like 2 full days, and already the 112th Congress is writing itself like a bad joke... (And by bad, I mean somewhat depressing... Stupidity is painful to watch.)

But my point. Speaking of bad science - apparently there is yet another obstacle to my ability to serve in the Army. (I am quietly celebrating, while pretending to be furious about this un-American violation of my rights as a citizen. Well, ok, I am actually really offended, but...) We've already been informed that the army has forced soldiers to attend evangelical Christian rock concerts, upon threat of lockdown. Leaders of the armed forces have apparently also decided that non-theists are "unfit" to serve in the military, and require them to attend counseling. (Olbermann is currently discussing this on tonight's Countdown, by the way). Soldiers are administered a mandatory "spirituality test," known as the "Soldier Fitness Tracker, supposedly designed to aid in suicide prevention. Because godless heathens must have nothing to live for, and nothing "real" to for which to fight.

Can I just say - just because I don't believe in a god doesn't mean my life doesn't have meaning or purpose; nor does it mean I'm automatically suicidal (in fact, atheism probably saved my life...); nor does it mean that you have any right whatsoever to judge my life or shove your narrow worldview in my face, kthnx. First Amendment, freedom of religion, and you're part of the government, Army. Let's think about that for a second.

Lack of a god does not make my life empty, or imply that I'm unsure about my values. The only values I'm questioning are yours, Army. You say you value honesty-- yet you force your soldiers to lie about who they are, while openly disparaging them based on your own prejudice and fears. You say that you value life - yet you bestow more honor on a soldier for killing a man (or woman/etc) than for loving one. You say that you value freedom - yet your methods of "obtaining" it consist solely of blind murder, torture, infinite detainment without a charge. You say that you value strength - then why is it when I look at you, I can see only weakness-- a bully, instead of a protector; oppression, instead of liberation; hypocrisy instead of integrity.

So thanks, Army, for letting me know once again that "people like me" aren't good enough to belong to your club. Continue to spread  your discriminatory view that only Christian heterosexual cisgender males belong amongst your ranks. After all, that's been the "American Way" for like ever, right? And to think, once upon a time you were a beacon of change, a progressive bastion of racial equality and hope for a brighter future, in a time of segregation, institutionalized oppression, and (worldwide) despair. Clearly, you're stuck in the past, Army. You haven't evolved since that time. WE have. But anyway, thanks for giving me a pass, should women ever be drafted. I just check the box next to Atheist/Godless Heathen, right?

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