Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Live Election Night Coverage - The Short Version

It's election night, and I was out cold for the most of it. (I also still have 1200 words to go for NaNo today... not good.) This is the super-short version of some of what's going on locally. (Refresh every 5 minutes for updates.)

Here's what we missed-
Rand Paul won.
Christine O'Donnell didn't. Thankfully.

8:26pm - AAAARRRGGHHH. Sipprelle is beating Holt by what is looking to be a landslide, and Anna Little (a TP candidate) is beating Pallone. Excuse me while I go bawl in a corner...

8:31pm - CNN predicts that the GOP will only need 8 more wins to gain control of the Senate.
8: 45pm - It's only getting worse. So I'm watching Glee. Democrats- looks like you're screwed.
8:50pm - As much as I dislike Rachel, Jesse sucks. Oh, elections? Uh... Really hoping the Monmouth Country results aren't a reflection of the entire district...
9:00pm - Chuck Shumer in NY, Blanche Lincoln lost. (Can she take Landrieu with her? Please? Buh-bye.) Still no news on NJ House results.
9:05pm - I take that back- NJ News 12 has FINALLY started posting election results. We're waiting on Districts 3, 6, & 12 (the closest, most competitive races. 2 of which are in my own township...) Little & Sipprelle are still in the lead :-(
9:10 pm - Busy flipping through all of the news channels, & on CNN is Rand Paul babbling about something or other... [sigh] I usually somewhat like libertarians... This guy... I like his father well enough, but... just NO.
9:15pm - GRAYSON LOST?!?! NOOO!!!! Grayson, Perriello-- not a good night for progressives...
9:20pm -  CNN projects that GOP will take control of the house.
9:25pm -  Sestak (D) leading in PA. Holt is starting to do somewhat better... Still not enough :-(
9:30pm -You can see NJ results here. Marco Rubio is on, speaking about a "second chance." To do what? Failed Bush policy on crack, part 3?
9:35pm - Pallone (NJ-6) is tied!!! (Technically he has about 500 more votes than Little, but percentage-wise, it's a tie...) It's not over yet! I might to keep at least one of my guys! ^^" Good news indeed. (Tonight is so depressing...) More good news - Holt is gaining now that the Middlesex County votes are coming in!
9:40pm -  So why does Little get better party music? Sadly, NJ News 12 has announced that Little is taking over my township. (At least, the 6th district part of it...) Just switched to CNN - looked like O'Donnell was celebrating for a sec. Good, she knows she lost... Alright then.
9:45pm - It's official. Republicans have won the House. and in NJ- PALLONE IS LEADING!!!
9:50pm - Ah! 1994 & 1996 mentioned on NJ News 12! Everyone take 2 shots!! HuffPost Drinking Game. In other news, guy who dressed up like a Nazi failed. That's good... There's too much crazy in the government already. Bring on the sanity...?
9:55pm - Yea, CNN is totally failing tonight. Anti-Tea Party tweets aren't news. In fact, that's old news. Get on with real results! ...Wisconsin - Feingold losing to Johnson, with only 10% of the vote counted. Joe Wilson ("You lie!!!" dude) tied in South Carolina. Arizona polls closing soon. Can't wait to see how that turns out... In NJ, Holt is still gaining. Pallone still in the lead.
10:00pm - This battle is over healthcare, according to CNN. Check out Mother Jones election coverage for some of the latest headlines. Polls have closed in Nevada, Arizona, Iowa Montana, Utah... Waiting on news of Reid vs. Angle.
10:05pm -  Less than half of the votes are in for Middlesex County, with Sipprelle and Holt holding steady... McCain & Grassley were reelected. PA gov looks to be Dem.
10:10pm - lots of cheering at Pallone party... Win??? They'll be making an announcement soon... And it gets better - HOLT IS LEADING!!! By 1%, but as more of the votes come in... There is hope!! (Tight race, for sure...) South Dakota votes against legalizing marijuana for medical use.
10:15pm - Sharron Angle & Harry Reid, close race according to CNN. Pallone & Lautenberg prepare for speech... Acceptance speech? Yes? (Little is also preparing her speech. But numbers say it's Pallone!!) Haha, I sense TP criticism coming up... (Did he just say MANN-tra? Isn't it more like Mahn-tra? Hmm... Am I wrong here?) Yup, there it is, anti-tea party comments. Don't disagree with him though ^^" That's why I like him!
10:20pm -  So... Pallone claims victory, Little isn't conceding yet. And Holt is still pulling ahead! YAY! Still waiting on numbers from Nevada & Arizona.
10:25pm - State Senate? Huh. Projected Dem win. Pallone becomes official projected win. Way to go!
10:30pm - I'm tired again. Pallone win should have national recognition? (News 12- He was directly up against high profile TP candidate & won.) Holt is officially the projected winner!!
10:35pm - Ye-a, I'm gonna call Runyan. But YES!!! Both Holt & Pallone have been (unofficially) announced as winners! Greenstein wins State Senate.
10:40pm - NJ has overwhelmingly (81%) voted YES on the state question - state amendment to ensure that all benefits money goes to benefits. Sadly, Old Bridge voted NO on tiny tax levy for land conservation :-( Also, in PA, DADT repeal leader Patrick Murphy lost to Michael Fitzpatrick (R)
10:45pm -  PA race is insanely close. Still waiting... Nikki Haley won in South Carolina.
10:50pm - Holt & Pallone have officially won! YES! Congrats!! (And this 22 yr old Independent opposes the Tea Party & can't stand the GOP. So take THAT, CNN!) I will sleep well tonight. Until I remember that the GOP took over the house [facepalm]
10:55pm - Anna Little is giving her concession speech. (Just waiting for her to announce a Stewart... No?)  CNN is babbling on about the Tea Party & Rand Paul. [yawn] Oh dear. Anna Little is ooh-ing and aww-ing over a signed card. Isn't this all so thrilling... Oh! District 3- Runyan defeated Adler.
11:00pm - Time for the Daily Show - Live!!. So... Yea, I'm done tonight XD. Polls closing on the west coast. GOP needs 6 more wins to be majority in the Senate. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Obama's going to have to be pretty badass (in the words of STK) to put up with this & get anything done.

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