Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Progress & Regress...

Progress & regress all in the same day--

  • DADT is O-V-E-R! (For now, at least, temporarily, sort of... but things are looking up!) Today, a federal judge announced a worldwide injunction to stop DADT enforcement, effective immediately. The DOJ has 60 days to appeal- Obama doesn't actually have much of a say in this, but odds are the department probably won't appeal the decision. (If they do, all I can say is that it will not look good for the Obama administration. If they appeal... they're done. There's no reason to trust any of them in the least bit anymore.) We're making some major strides towards equality... Remember how I said that the day Obama was elected President was the first day I ever felt any pride for my country? That didn't last long, obviously, with the way things have been, but progress like this certainly helps... & now I have Taylor Swift singing in my head... "Because these things will chaaaange! Can you feel it now? These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down. It's a revolution! The time will come for us to finally win..." :-D w00t!
  • speaking of LGBT rights, is anyone watching Glee right now?!?! O_O WOW! Haha, I totally thought the comments at AutoStraddle were just wishful thinking... :-D

On a slightly different note-- I don't typically care about celebrities, but this is amusing - Jack Black & America Ferrera made a short video about health care reform, with Black as "The Mis-Informant."

Also, official rally gear for the Rally to Restore Sanity & the March to Keep Fear Alive are on sale! I'm thinking about getting the "I'm With Reasonable" t-shirt lol... 18 days!!!

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