Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I was wrong. (There is rum, therefore this is probably completely random.)

Mmm... Enjoying a fresh, homemade strawberry daquiri (with touch of rum, of course ^^" ), watching Olbermann & Maddow, messing around with my new Kindle (it's sooo thin!!!), & e-book shopping.

I was wrong, birthdays don't always suck. They may be weird, and make us feel old, but they don't always suck.

Warning: this may not be entirely coherent. In other news... I haven't really been following politics, as this whole primary thing has me bored as hell. Last I heard, Democrats are talking about voting on keeping the tax cuts for everyone. I was appalled when I read that, until I read further-- they expect the vote to fail, which will allow moderate Dems & Repubs to basically say "oh well, we tried, but the only way we we were able to at least keep some of them was to vote yes for you guys!" It's a cop out. They need to keep up the illusion of working together, or trying to "do the right thing," in the eyes of their constituents. Even though supposedly there is this huge public consensus now that the cuts really have to go, at least for the middle class (which is actually cut off at $100,000. And everything up until $250,000 is taxed at a lower rate, so even people making more than that are still getting something... sort of.)

Oh crap, what did NJT do now?? (Watching Olbermann...) Ah. Koran-burning employee got fired... they said it violated the company's ethics code... & since NJT is part of the state gov't, firing him is unconstitutional... -_-" Ye-a, well I'm kind of on their side with this lol. At least, I really really want to be. But that whole separation of work life & personal life thing is really important-- companies shouldn't be able to penalize employees (or potential employees) based their personal life. This includes facebook! What we do on our own time is none of their damn business... That being said, guy was a jerk. And if the "Tea Party kind of way" of doing things is being rude and disrespectful and stupid, then I sure as hell know I want nothing to do with them. I think my count of sane, respectful TPers I've met is still at 3.5. If anyone wants to prove me wrong, you're more than welcome to comment or send me an email, or hang out at the Coffee Party website/facebook page.


 Albino baby otters! Aww!!!

Ok, excuse my hormones & the booze. It's bedtime, I'm tired & no offense, Rachel, but I'm just flat out tired of politics today. Time to grab another glass of frosty strawberry goodness (maybe without the rum...) & head to bed.

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