Thursday, September 16, 2010

And now for something completely random- Unnecessary Censorship

Yesterday, it was rum, today it's white wine, & no, I haven't had a proper night's sleep.

That being said-- has anyone else noticed that in the "censored" version of Train's "Hey Soul Sister" (I know, you're probably thinking the same thing I did - what the fuck needs to be censored in that song??), the word "virgin" is dreadfully distorted? And if that weren't unnecessary enough, there's a bit of an issue with how it's been distorted... In their quest to shield a very common word from the precious little virgin ears of customers' children, they turned "virgin" into "blowjob." Tell me how that was a good idea XD

In other news... I'm currently watching the Minnesota Twins game (vs. the White Sox. No, not a fan of either team, as my Bronx Bombers are forever my boys, no matter how much they kinda suck right now; but a friend is from MN) & sipping on wine, avoiding the inevitable bedtime. Just re-enabled an old account... Yes, that one, just to chat, eventually. And already the old habits are coming back -_-" Oh well.

So today sent me an email about endorsing a candidate from my district. I'm sorry, but incumbent Rush Holt vs. capitalist Republican Scott Sipprelle?!?! How the hell does anything MoveOn stands for match with Sipprelle??? Even though he did beat the official TP candidate in the primary, he's still TP endorsed! (Apparently a fan lives down the street from me, with the Gadsen Flag on his/her lawn amidst a bunch of Sipprelle campaign signs.) I'm finally getting some time to relax & write, but I've been avoiding politics again (you know, other than that...), so who knows what I'll post next... Oh wait, I have an idea. So stay tuned. :-P Oyasumi nasai, minna-san.

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