Monday, June 14, 2010

(posting from my phone isn't working anymore...?!) Finally home from work... It was a weird day all around, but there were a few awkward highlights -- we were a little surprised to see a t-shirt that said "WHITE KINGDOM!" on the tag (does anyone remember in what movie they kept screaming that? I'm pretty sure it's "Let's Go to Prison," but don't remember exactly when... Funny movie... good times...) followed by a rather rude customer comment of "fire all foreigners"... (There's a lot of xenophobia where I work... & a lot of old, conservative, incredibly rude people..) I'm starting to really wonder about this place, lol...

In other news, just waiting for some crazy religious cult to start ranting about the floods in AR & OK being a "warning from God..." O hey, here it is... And I quote:

18 dead
22 missing
40 = Judgment.

[rolls eyes] Soo... fun day of weirdness...

Hoping everything is going as well as can be hoped... & that everyone else is found alive and well. Let's keep in mind the 20 who died-- including the 6 children :'-(  --and their families...

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