Monday, June 14, 2010

Life... Past Meets Present (and bursts out laughing...)

Alright, enough of the half-assed posts. I know I'm getting stupid-- I can feel my brain cells dying every time I go to work, or watch TV instead of reading, even if it's C-Span and the "news" or some sort of learning show (which is basically what I watch. Comedy Central, Food Network, C-Span, MSNBC if it's interesting-- I've noticed it has a more aesthetically pleasing layout than other channels, but other than Maddow & occasionally Olbermann, it's seriously annoying/boring-- CNN, ABC, BBC... Since Discovery refuses to back down on Palin's nature show -_-"...) I can't remember the last book I read cover to cover [that wasn't a graphic novel... I read tons of those. Fast. I don't have time to read anything else :-( ... ] though I'm going back to the library more often now, and buying more books (mostly used, of course, as usual. Conserving trees!). My spelling and vocabulary are going downhill, and I swear I'm picking up the lamentable grammar of my co-workers... Trying to brush up on history, including all the things we never learned in school... & learning what really happened as opposed to what text books have to tell you (a lot of things really were wrong... apparently the Tea Act was an anti-smuggling tax cut supported by Ben Franklin... It didn't raise the tax on tea at all!!! It has very little to do with actual taxes! Hell, it was a discount program for tea to help a dying company stay afloat - no pun intended, if you get what I'm talking about... It just was supposed to extend Britain's monopoly on tea so the company could sell its way out of bankruptcy... Like "buy American!" and Cash for Clunkers, lol... Mind-boggling. Thank you, capitalism-- oh, how I loathe thee...) I picked up an algebra book the other day, so I can refresh my memory... You would think that after AP calculus, and all of those stats classes and research projects I would remember a thing or two about logarithms and multiplying equations. I'm a future psychologist... I'll use stats, if anything, for research papers, but that's about as much as I need to know... But I'm determined to take the GREs this year, and find a grad school I can afford (even if it's not Columbia...) and an apartment, with or without a roommate. I can't say that I'm thrilled to be out of school and working - ok, so it TOTALLY sucks. Probably because I have no life and the job i have is not in psych. Plus most of the people I work with are rude, self-centered assholes, and as much as I like helping people, customer service is... not my mug of soy mocha latte.

So I've been feeling pretty down lately... various reasons, but I think I just need to go back to school... (Though at the moment, I'd be extremely satisfied with just quitting my job... Again, it's not that what I do is so bad, it just that it's everything I've been trying to avoid - my life is my job -_-") My life currently consists of work, driving my family around, talking to the 1 or 2 friends who aren't too busy with work/school to chat, and attempting to catch up to the rest of the world... in more ways than one.

So, what else is going on in the world? Graduations? Here's a post for you. Good luck with that. President of the US talking about gulf shrimp being ok to eat? Here's a [facepalm] for you... (I get that it's important that family businesses can make it through this, & that many scientists have determined that the areas where the oil hasn't hit yet are relatively safe enough, but I don't care if he's trying to be optimistic, that seems just plain irresponsible... I'd rather people be safe and not eat potentially dangerous things than have to deal with mass food poisoning not only from the oil but from the dispersants and such... All those chemicals are not good for people, not to even mention the mercury...) Need a good psych-related laugh (at the expense of a Republican friend) to brighten your night before you head to bed and ultimately work? Here's a link for you too... Oh! I just remembered something... I met a sane tea party member today. That brings my count up to 3 and half. And guess what??? We AGREED on something!!! See, the sane ones aren't so bad. It's just the crazy, hypocritical ones who are annoying and embarrassing and hilarious... (Like this Rand Paul business... or that Barber guy, the latest youtube sensation... The South is so very funny... well, the parts not smothered in greasy, deadly goo.)

History lesson of the day! -- Rachel is currently working on an interactive map of all of the oil spills in the US in the last decade... Louisiana is a greasy black blob. Also, as I am attempting to read a book this week, I will update this later with some other sort of interesting fact. I think every post will end with something interesting... Why not. Let's all learn something new!

So, goodnight, whoever you are. This half-bottle of Pinot Noir & I have a lot of catching up to do... (And I have a 3am alarm... Damn, I hate this job sometimes... lol)

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