Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Musings...

Studying was going well until i got distracted by Wikipedia (what else is new...)

I'm kind of freaked out now... What if I wake up & this is all some big dream? a mixed guy for president (whoo! represent! :-D) who won the Nobel Peace Prize (for... something.... he doesn't even know, LOL...) & so on & so forth... This world just gets weirder every day... But I shudder to think that Bush is still president (not that I blame him entirely. I don't think anyone should - that's just stupid. That's not the way the government works either. Everyone around him already knew he wasn't that intelligent and he was stubborn as hell. C'mon - C students who joined frats for the parties & cheer-lead on the weekends don't become president and declare war on random countries on their own. He couldn't possibly have done all of this on his own. No human can, no matter how powerful they are. As evil as Hitler was, he didn't do it alone. One can't be a leader without followers...)

Moral of the story - don't mind me, I'm just coloring my toes with a Sharpie ^^"

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