Monday, June 1, 2009

Mini-Post: Responses to Feedback

Yay! So far, feedback has been fairly awesome...

@TEA (o god, you need a new nickname here... bad YuGiOh reference, not that you would know what that means, lol... EA it is then.) - next one will (possibly) be shorter! Glad you found it amusing tho!

@Marve1gir1 - I don't actually talk about my dad at any point... Though I assume you're referring to a specific section - I wasn't thinking about him at all, just giving a general disclaimer. Parents are strictly forbidden in the blogging world as far as I'm concerned. Lol, & regarding the sex thing... uh... if the thought had actually crossed my mind at any point, it would be more like relieved than offended ^^" (love you, but not in that way... same to you EA!) so likewise, no offense... (And you beat me to my next mini topic I see...) & lol Nana 2 totally ruined Nana for me... the manga's ok though...

So anyway, as I said, next topic is... well, it's weird. Be prepared. Ja, mata ashita!


Anonymous said...

I beat you to a topic? What I say?

Is it about internet thinks Post=Cancel?
Friends approving of friends?
Friends with benefits?
Making movies is better than sex?
Alternate universes?
My brother tells everyone he likes big butts behind his gf's back? [literally]
What will Dave do next?
Shooting me?
If you're both girls it's okay to be gay?
If you kill all the criminals that makes you one?
...Wait, that's the undertone for DeathNote.

Anonymous said...

Wait, feedback has been fairly awesome?

I'm the only one that fedback!!! I'm only *fairly* awesome?!