Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mini-Post 2:Regarding Feedback

Ew, I used "parents" & "sex" in the same paragraph... Lovely little visual for you all! Excuse me while I gouge my eyes out...

Hey everyone! I'm glad to see/hear that so many are enjoying this so far! ^^" I really didn't expect that at all...

@Marve1gir1 - (Actually, I've also received feedback via phone, AIM, & Facebook...) & lol, none of the above.
(Though now I'm wondering where the hell some of those topics came from...I am so confused, lol... & wdum girls... What about "non-hetero" [Ultima-san, yea I totally couldn't wait to use that, lol...] guys! YAY YAOI!!! Yuri is no fun at all!)

I just want to remind everyone that this IS a public site, anything you say is visible to anyone and everyone, so be careful about what you want people to know. I don't censor. I will NEVER use names or publicly identifiable information, this is meant to be semi-anonymous fun (which is why the facebook links- from there to here- are public for 3 days only. After that, all links will be moved to a private page - "Kappa Delta Sigma" for those of you in it, or private myspace blog.)

As for the next "topic" - most likely will be posted Friday or Saturday night (days off... next week will be killer...) Ja, mata!

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