Thursday, July 12, 2012

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I think I'm about 20 minutes from passing out (fucking meds...), so let's make this quick. I've just finished a 2,369 word post pretty much explaining some of the reasons why I a) am taking a brief hiatus from Tumblr and b) still REALLY hate white feminism (aka mainstream feminism). Yes, those reasons are very much related. (Though now that I think of it, I don't think I actually mentioned the hiatus in the post...)The amount of racism (and backlash from the Laci Green bullshit) I've seen in the past week alone was enough for me to leave for a while and come here. The fact that people are STILL defending her stupid white ass is pissing me off to no end, so yes, I'm here for the time being. It's nearing election time, and while I have little to no interest in this election, I should be blogging about it anyway.

I expect my rant to probably piss off people. I kind of don't give a shit. As I said on a Tumblr post, if this shit pisses you off, it's meant for you. Learn from it.

It should be up by 10 maybe.

Oh, and I moved my Tumblr. For this kind of stuff I mean. My old one is strictly personal now. Links will be changing eventually, once my life is less shitty and my grandparents aren't dying anymore. (Oh, yeah, there's that too.)

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