Sunday, May 13, 2012

I can't even with these people anymore.

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[TRIGGER WARNING - Rape, trivialization of rape, rape jokes]

Putting this under a cut. If you are easily angered and want a happy Mother's Day, ignore this. I am so disgusted right now.

It's after 1 am on Mother's Day and I'm still up because some shithead little child on Tumblr has decided that it's ok to make rape jokes because "it's tongue in cheek!" and "humans are hypocrites and will laugh at gay jokes so why not rape jokes omg you just pick and choose what's offensive!"

Oh, but their reasoning behind that last bit - It happens and there's nothing we can do about it.
Seriously. This person literally believes that rape is unavoidable, that it is hypocritical for humans to laugh and joke about death (something that is a natural part of life, something that we all will experience and is entirely 100% unavoidable) but be offended by a violent violation of someone else's body, something that is 100% preventable and is NOT natural in any way shape or form. And therefore it's ok to joke about rape because we're all going to die someday and because people get shot.

"When the victim of said rape is irrelevant" -- I can't even. I just can't. There is just far too much wrong with this entire situation and this person refuses to understand why we're so upset. They think we're just "overreacting" and "blinded by [our] fury," and are putting all of the blame on us for "not understanding" that it was "meant to be tongue in cheek."

Oh believe me, many of us understood what you were trying to do. But the point we were trying to make in the first place was that it simply was NOT funny, it's just insensitive and disgusting. My friend posted the original comment "when are rape jokes funny?" with an empty bullet point to signify NEVER. This person reblogged with 2 extremely offensive scenarios and then proceeded to evade when we called them out on their bullshit. And then posted this:

For all of my followers who care about the rape debacle:The film The Accused deals seriously with the case of a woman who was raped and sued the attackers, which triggered a debate on whether she was ‘asking for it’.
The film Leaving Las Vegas has a scene in which the main character Sera, a prostitute, while on a job is knocked out and raped by several boys.
The 1939 film Gone With the Wind shows Scarlett being raped, but in the morning she’s happy and free. This makes it seem like the rape is fine, but it is a seriously inaccurate portrayal.
I’m not tagging this post with anything. This is for those who would see it regardless. I recognize the rape problem. The sympathize with rape victims.
People are very passionate about this issue, but some are so blinded by their fury that they simply hate and ignore any reasoning that doesn’t entirely suit them. None of the people who attacked me tonight were in the wrong in the beginning, or really at all given what actually occured, but the fact I was saying rape jokes were okay and using ‘being raped by a giant scorpion’ as one of the examples, I was kind of hoping a tongue-in-cheek approach to it would be understood. Clearly I was wrong. Thus far, I have not compromised my values or beliefs at all, but I have apologized to all those who came forth to me offended by the comments I made.
One of the comments I made was the power of film: that is why I opened with those three movie references.
Another comment I made was that people pick and choose what issue to become enraged about. Some people find rape jokes disgusting, but laugh when they see The Hangover and, even at the comment ‘paging Dr. Faggot’ in the very beginning. You’re laughing at a gay joke. Won’t that, in turn, inspire a lack of seriousity taken for those who struggle with gay hate? Some people laugh at the scene in Pulp Fiction where John Travolta kills a man by accident. A man died in that scene of the movie, but we find humour in it. Why? The same thing (not the same way) occurs in real life: people are shot. But we take a firm stance against it … except when it benefits us.
My ultimate point remains the same, and for those of you who were offended by my comments, chose not to believe what I said about being tongue-in-cheek and not serious, and simply wanting to upset people, I apologize. That is, if you made it to the end of this comment.

Like I said to you earlier, you're just digging yourself in deeper with every word you say. Pseudo-intellectual bullshit to try to cover your ass. Bullshit excuses. And no, I'm not going to take you seriously if you think "seriousity" is an actual word, or if you're going to assume that all of us are hypocrites who laugh at gay jokes. (And another thing - you've made it clear on several occasions that you know nothing about experiencing "gay hate" or what it's like to be LGBTQ. So how about you shut the fuck up and not tell us how to think/feel/react to shit, mmkay?)

I've had enough of this fuckery for one night. I have breakfast to make in a few hours.

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