Monday, June 20, 2011

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So my Weiner post has been delayed... don't ask. But I have a livestream channel now. Yay! So I'll be around, trying to catch up on things [read: South Park and fanfics]. I'm wondering if it's even worth talking about Weiner... The media has fucked that whole thing up. I'm kind of pissed off about it still- it's been blown way out of proportion, and has hightlighted quite a bit of the hypocrisy in our government. And about the US government- I am SO far beyond caring. Fuck them all. I still plan on going into public policy... maybe. But i have very little hope for this country if this is the state of our politics... and I'm starting to believe that drastic change may be the only way to "fix" it. As in, "fixing" may no longer be an option. We need a total redesign. It's just a mess... I'm amazed we get anything done ever.

Anyway, just a few thoughts... I'll be around.

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