Friday, March 4, 2011

...the f*ck's going on out there? #WestboroBastards #WIunion #Libya

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As you can probably tell, I haven't been posting all that much about... well, anything. As I said before, things got complicated... and odds are, I'm about to lose internet for a while.

So... because it's one of the first things everyone on either Tumblr or Twitter has mentioned today - the Supreme Court ruled in favor of hate trolls Westboro Baptist Church. And while apparently this is unpopular opinion, I have to agree with the ruling. It would have been far worse if they had ruled against WBC, because that would be a direct violation of our constitutionally protected right to free speech; and if the Supreme Court can rule against them, they can rule against us. It seems like a lot of people might be missing this point... and I get it, really, because WBC are truly horrible, disgusting people, but I would be a hypocrite if I didn't say this--  freedom of speech means freedom of speech. (Which is why I also tolerate the existence of voices such as Beck and She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named. Doesn't mean I approve of what they are saying or doing in any way, shape, or form, but I can't condone forced censorship just because I don't like what they say/do.) I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. When I quoted that last year, I meant it. And I'm not going to go back on that now because of a bunch of snivelling, attentionwhoring shit-for-brains asswipes closed-minded trolls are trying to spread hate. I still stand by everything I've ever said about them before, and I don't think they should be allowed anywhere near a funeral by any means, but are they allowed to be inbred, rabid fucktards ignorant hate-mongering bigots/mumpsimes? Yes. (And to Phelps, I quote - "If I want your expert opinion on something, I'll ask you what it's like to be a douchebag." You are also like a stream of bat's piss. Mayka ti duha na mechki v gorata.) And remember - THEY JUST DO THIS SHIT FOR THE ATTENTION. So there, they got what, 2 minutes from me? I'm done. (And I usually don't wish ill on people, but I laughed when I read that they got pepper-sprayed at one funeral. I think I might've laughed harder if it were tear gas, if not for the situation in Egypt. And I am unapologetic tonight.)

Libya - Ok I have no idea what's going on... A quick peek at Mother Jones says Gaddafi expanded an attack against rebels, killing 35 and wounding 100. Out of all of the revolutions that we've seen this year, this has been the most violent and deadly by a longshot. So let's keep fighting here to #FreeLibya any way we can help... The Libyan people have our support.

Wisconsin. OMFG Wisconsin... I can't even... Democratic Representative Nick Milroy was tackled by police today as he attempted to enter the Wisconsin Capitol building to get some clothes out. (He was one of the 4 awesome legislators who moved their desks outside to talk to constituents.) Also, Walker has given "final notice" of layoffs to union workers. And this entire fucking situation is a total abuse of power on Governor Walker's part. And that is all I'm willing to say on this subject, lest this turn into another angry rant. And there is birthday cake tonight, and I'm still working on my taxes, so I can't go there right now. Maybe Sunday. Until then, I will quietly seethe over here... (Ok, more like I'm just way too distracted by stupid things to care about anything at all right now.)

Last thing - so rumor has it that apparently some self-hating "pro-life" women are leading a national tour to set back women's rights 100 years or so, starting with reproductive rights/health and ending with "a woman's place is in the kitchen, serving her God-fearing husband and popping out babies." We need to get on this or something.

On a completely unrelated side note - Oreos fucking taste like tar. At least, what I imagine tar would taste like if it were baked into the shape of a cookie with some powdered shaving cream for "frosting."

Can you tell I'm feeling a little... combative tonight? Meh...

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