Monday, February 21, 2011

This Week's Updates - #Glee, #Libya, #WiUnion, #Bahrain, #ProChoice

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Can I share a secret or two?

Wow. Ok, I NEVER expected the kind of turnout I got on that last post... That was a huge first for me. So I'm sorry if anything that comes next is a letdown... Honestly I'm a little intimidated! (And really busy. Lawyers and things... Turns out my father owes my mother a TON of money, so... It's going to be messy and expensive in the short term, but things might work out.)

I just have a few more thoughts on Glee and bisexuality before I get around to my usual topics. (There's a lot going on in the world right now. It's been a little overwhelming, especially considering family drama, but I'll try to get caught up this week.)
  • So Glee, bisexuality, & biphobia... 
    • Tomorrow night is the Blaine/bi episode, and next week is the Brittana bisexuality episode. It's all but completely confirmed that Santana will come out as bisexual and will begin dating Brittany (who is still dating Artie?). Taking this into account, it's likely that this Blaine controversy is all just a segue into Britanna. Including the "does bisexuality even exist?" thing. It doesn't take away from the appalling insensitivity of RM's comments, nor have I been able to hang out on Tumblr without flying into a silent, seething rage every time someone makes a stupidly offensive comment... It hurts. Really, it just does... Every time someone says something like "he's a liar, he lied about who he really is," or "Blaine's questioning is so offensive to the gay community," I just... Ugh. Why is it that "I don't mean to offend anyone, but..." is always followed by the most offensive thing ever? I've kept my mouth shut about my own sexuality for so long, because of things like this, that it's hard not to take this personally. But I still want to see how this all plays out. So I'll probably make a note of what happens this week and next and will share either here or on Tumblr.
  • A few days ago the House voted to defund Planned Parenthood, which would drastically cut back vital reproductive healthcare for thousands of men and women all over the country. If this measure, a part of the Pence Amendment, passes in the Senate, over 60% of Planned Parenthood facilities would have to close. 48 percent of PP patients-- about 1.4 million people -- would be without health care. (Planned Parenthood press statement)
    • What PP opponents consistently fail to realize is that without funding for family planning, abortion rates are more likely to increase than decrease-- whether legal and safe or not. On top of that, they seem to ignore the laws that state that federal funding cannot be used to provide an abortion. PP uses private funding, as well as direct payments from patients to provide those services. And without the federal funding that covers their cancer screenings, and routine tests, and HIV testing and STD panels, and birth control, and pre-natal checkups, and pamphlets and seminars and everything else they provide, they will be very much hard-pressed to keep up with patients' needs. In fact, it would be nearly impossible.
    • So this new bill, this Pence Amendment... Guess what else passed? PBS will also lose funding, but guess what really mattered to Republicans-- continuing to give a measly sum of 6 MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS FOR NASCAR. Not even joking. The GOP voted to keep $6 million in funds for sponsoring NASCAR racers, but cut "wasteful" spending on PBS and the biggest reproductive healthcare organization in the entire country. So for the past few weeks, the GOP has been cutting thousands of jobs, cutting healthcare and benefits, wasting money on people who waste tons of gas driving in circles for entertainment... Why the hell do people vote for them?!
    • THIS pretty much explains how insane everything is, in a short version. Despite the fact that I am a staunch believer that "pro-life" has nothing to do with actually being pro-life.
    • If it didn't mean digging up an old fight with someone I don't want to discuss anymore, I would go find my arguments from the healthcare debate re: birth control and reproductive healthcare. Point is, it's already an underfunded and often ignored area, especially when it comes to women's insurance coverage. That is where Planned Parenthood steps in. And we can't afford to lose that.
    • Do everything you can to keep the Pence Amendment from passing in the Senate. Call your senators, sign a petition, email, tweet-- anything.
  • Wisconsin
    • Governor Walker is trying to pass a bill that would destroy employees' collective bargaining rights and is claiming that it has to do with fixing Wisconsin's budget gap. 
      • Technically this part is all still just speculation, but... it doesn't. What many, including Dr. Rachel Maddow, actually suspect is that Walker is trying to undercut political opponents' campaign funding, since unions are the only groups with enough money to counter corporate donations, and they tend to support Democrats. The only people exempt are those who financially support Walker and other Republicans.
      • Either way, this is a blatant attack on state workers and unions, and we will not stand for it!
    • 14 of WI's Democratic state senators fled the state to block a vote on the bill. Most are hiding in undisclosed locations within northern Illinois... Meanwhile, tens of thousands of pro-union protesters, as well as FOX buses full of anti-union Tea Party members have been gathering in the streets of Wisconsin... Or inside that yellow-orange building I keep seeing.
    • Check out Storyteller Knight's post on Wisconsin here.
      We Stand With Wisconsin.
    • Petitions - CredoAction,
  • Libya - Think Egypt only one country to the west. Repressive, delusional eccentric jerk of a dictator for 42 years. We know him as Qaddafi (or or Gaddaffi, or Khaddafi, apparently... Arabic is hard to transliterate).
  • Bahrain - Protests are continuing. And horrifying - video has surfaced of the army deliberately killing peaceful protesters. (WARNING - GRAPHIC. I haven't even watched it yet...)
    • There is close to no major coverage of what's going here on right now.
I'm still trying to collect all of the links I've shared/read about all of this, so for right now, you're better off checking my Twitter account or Google shared articles (in that big white box on the right-hand side...) for updates and news. And when in doubt, Mother Jones and Al Jazeera! Like I said, life has been kind of crazy lately and I'm struggling to catch up at the moment...

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