Monday, January 31, 2011

What's Happening in Egypt ? Day 7 | #Jan25 #OpEgypt

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Latest Updates:

There is a massive protest ("Million Man March") planned for tomorrow, Tuesday February 1st, in Tahirir Square, in Cairo. The Egyptian army has promised not to resort to violence against protesters.

I have also been informed (via Twitter) that giant screens are currently being put up on Tahirir Square, possibly by Al Jazeera.

A US convoy, lead by ex-ambassador to Egypt, Frank G Wisner, has arrived in Cairo to"reinforce the US message to Egypt." (Al Jazeera)

So... what exactly is going to happen if when Mubarak finally steps down? Does Egypt have a plan for recovery and a new government, even a temporary one? The US and EU are recommending free and fair elections, but peace takes time. I suspect that the country will remain in chaos for quite a while, maybe even years, especially considering the state of nearby countries as of late.

In other news - while hundreds of Americans and Canadians struggled to get out of Egypt this past weekend, CNN reporter Anderson Cooper was making his way into Cairo. He will soon be joined by anchorpersons Brian Williams of NBC (going live tonight) and Katie Couric of CBS (by tomorrow evening).

Small protests took place this morning in Russia, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Vladmir Putin and his regime.

I'm probably going to miss a bunch of things, because I'm in desperate need of a nap (and money to repair my stupid car...) it's going to be crazy week.

7:12pm - Back. Apparently not much new has happened... The internet in Egypt is still down (completely. They had managed to get dial-up services running, but as of 11AM EST, the last remaining ISP went down.)

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