Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's Happening in Egypt ? Day 6 | #Jan25

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I'm starting a new post on this. Here are today's updates (as seen on the updated post).

There are reports of new protests in Sudan. Like in Egypt, Yemen, and Jordan, protesters are demanding the resignation of their president. Citizens all over the Middle East and Africa are demanding a transition to democracy.

We also have new information about the American companies helping to oppress and restrict the people of Egypt. Combined Systems, Inc, based in PA, has been supplying the tear gas and smoke grenades that have been used to injure and kill protesters and reporters all over the Middle East. Narus, a subsidiary of Boeing, has been supplying Mubarak's regime with mass surveillance equipment that allowed the government to track, record, and reconstruct all information shared via the internet and mobile phone connections. This information includes emails and attachments, VoIP calls (like Skype), viewed web pages, etc. And this technology also allowed the government to completely shut down internet access in the country.

More to follow.

2:45 pm - Video from a protest at the Egyptian Embassy in London. Sad...

3:10pm - AJE reports that some Egyptians believe that foreigners (particularly due to our media) are inciting the violence.

6:11pm - The White House is said to be getting ready for a "post-Mubarak Egypt," according to the LA Times. Also, a group of academics, historians, and political scientists have written this letter to ask President Obama to take a tougher stance on Mubarak's regime. And (so far, peaceful) protests have begun in Sudan. Check here for continuous updates.

We stand with Egypt. (And others with similar goals...)

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