Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Updates

I'm not going to lie, today has been a complete nightmare (for personal reasons) so I never really got around to watching the news or anything today. I still feel like crap, so yea, this will be short, completely random, & probably nonsensical. I know you're already here, but you might want to leave now.

  • The Cablevision/Newscorp feud (that I wasn't really aware was going on...) escalated this weekend, leading Newscorp (you know, that corporation owned/run by Rupert Murdoch? FNC's parent?) to block Fox5 & My9 (whatever that is???) from all Cablevision customers. Needless to say, we were pretty pissed off. My complaint (as posted on twitter) - "f-ing hell, #fox / #cablevision!!! you take away glee & house, but "let" me keep glenn beck?! wtf?! i demand a trade! beck for kurt & puck!!" Seriously, I get to keep the one Fox channel I DON'T want. Word is Newscorp will also be blocking Fox shows on Hulu, so Cablevision customers, beware. (I'll tell you, the second I read that, I headed over to Hulu to watch the last episode of Glee. No problems whatsoever. So, I don't know about that...)
  • Speaking of Glee - It's official, new blonde guy is NOT gay. Very sad about this, because he would have made a nice boyfriend for Kurt (which is who he was originally intended to be, supposedly)-- but seeing as I don't particularly like him much anyway, whatever. (Apparently lgbt issues are finally becoming mainstream discussion again as well... Nice.)
  • Yes, I know, there are far more important things going on in the world than a TV show. Back to real news- sort of: Megan McCain again proves herself to be more rational & reasonable than her GOP , with her criticism of Christine O'Donnell.
  • Caribou Barbie's show is premiering soon. Ew.
  • More violent people threaten to kill/harm those who disagree with Glenn Beck. Should we be surprised anymore? Someone should really do something about all of this crazy...
  • Researchers say the T-Rex was a cannibal. (Didn't I say this would be completely random?)
  • Human rights (& Women's Rights) - Congolese rape survivors march in the streets against sexual violence. (They are not victims, but survivors. And the title doesn't match the words used in the story...) Stand strong, ladies! Enough is enough!!!
  • If you've somehow missed it (I think the "living under a rock" idiom is a bit inappropriate here...), the Chilean miners have finally been rescued after 60+ days underground. (Chinese miners are...?)
  • American children now have a new reason to avoid eating their vegetables - shards of glass hidden amongst the frozen peas. If you're in the Southeast US & shop at Kroger, beware.
  • If you're going to donate this holiday season, avoid the Salvation Army and head for the Red Cross.
  • Had a bit of a "what???" moment when I saw this video of a gay bishop for the "It Gets Better" project. (Episcopalian. Yea, see, now it makes perfect sense.) If you're interested in checking out some other videos from the project, you can see their youtube channel here or join their Facebook page. This is such an incredible project! I wish someone had done this sooner... I personally feel as though their message is relevant to all of us, whether you're LGBT or not, dealing with bullying, feeling awkward or like you don't belong, or just trying to get through life. I know I certainly need to hear this now... Things will get better. (Don't forget. We are the ones who need to make it better for all of us. We are all the ones who must work for change.)

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